Tablets: Revolutionising the Practice of Medicine

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  • 1. Online Electronic Patient Records HEALTHoneConnectofferstheuserallfunctionsrequiredfortheoptimalmanagementof healthcarerecordsinacomputerisedenvironment. Youcannowcreate,storeandsharepatientsrecordsonanonlineplatformthatismobile, secureandconvenient. YoucanworkofflineusingournewappforiPadandsynchroniseyourrecordssecurelyto HEALTHoneConnect.Forafree30daytrialsignupat Developed around doctors needs and guided by their feedback. Contactuson0860980098 *Apple,theApplelogoandiPadaretrademarksof AppleInc.,registeredintheU.S.andothercountries. AppStoreisaservicemarkofAppleInc. Many medical practices have started adopting Electronic Patient Re- cord (EPR) solutions in South Africa. There are a range of products available which vary in complexity and cost. Not only does it enable you to share and collaborate with other service providers and stakeholders but it also gives you instant access to patient histories and records, treatment protocols and a comprehensive drug database. All at the touch of a button. Electronic Patient Records (EPR) provide a sustainable and stable base from where all the functions required for optimal management of healthcare records can be managed in a computerised environment. Recently, we saw the launch of an online EPR in South Africa. This means that you can access your patients records from anywhere and on any internet connected device. Internationally, the health industry is responding to the increasing popularity and availability of technological innovations, such as tablets and smartphones. Health and wellness applications are estimated to make up approximately 40% of new Tablet/Smartphone apps currently being developed.This is a huge market and only set to increase as the benefits become more apparent and smartphone and tablet technol- ogy become more widespread. Some features of online Electronic Patient Record Solutions include: The ability to record comprehensive patient notes Automatic integration of laboratory and other reports Uploading of images and drawings e -Scripting Billing requests Access to treatment protocols Action Plans reminders Communications SMS/Email Having the ability to store clinical data securely online is a great ad- vantage but being able to work offline or locally would be even better as connectivity in some places (especially some areas in a hospital) is often not optimal for accessing and updating records. Working offline on a patient record and then synchronising it to the copy of the record online securely would be the ideal solution. Some Online Electronic Patient Record products have Apps, which allow for local or offline work and then synchronising to the online copy in much the same way that the popular Evernote product does. If you are going to be using this type of product, ask yourself the follow- ing questions when assessing the available products: 1. Is the App free? 2. Is it available for the most popular tablet OS such Apples IOS or Android? 3. Is the synchronisation done using internationally accepted secu- rity protocols? 4. What functionality is available on the App? It is just basic notes or can you do Form Based Transactions, View Lab Results and Upload Images, etc.? 5. Is there additional functionality to communicate with Practice Management Applications or Billing Systems? Using an online Electronic Patient Record application and associated App is certainly the way of the future. It not only simplifies the way we practice medicine but also ensures that we have the correct informa- tion ready and up to date when we need it. Have you taken that step? TABLETS: REVOLUTIONISING THE PRACTICE OF MEDICINE TABLETS: REVOLUTIONISING THE PRACTICE OF MEDICINE By Dilip Naran, General Manager: HEALTHone