How do you get lean? Its all in your mind

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<ul><li><p>How Do You Get Lean Its a Mind Game </p><p>How do you get lean is a situation a lot of people struggle with, there is so much advice out there its </p><p>sometimes hard to know where to start, this is in contrast though, because technically its simple to </p><p>get lean, but the fortune is in the follow through, because this is where most people fall down, if the </p><p>process was followed by a robot then it would be done simply case closed, with us though the </p><p>process can fall down inside your mind </p><p>So you want to know how do you get lean. Well its simple really, you need to lose your body fat and </p><p>build some muscle. You lose body fat by sorting out your diet first and foremost, this is 85% of the </p><p>result, dont let anyone tell you should be doing cardio this is really a waste of time for most cases </p><p>especially if the diet is not sorted, your diet needs to be basic wholefoods mainly meat, vegetables, </p><p>some fruit, nuts and beans. You then need to be doing heavy weight training including the four </p><p>foundation exercises everyone should be doing, squats, deadlifts, bench presses and pull-ups, if you </p><p>are doing 20 reps of flyes for the burn then doing endless ab exercises then you are going nowhere </p><p>fast. This approach seems to prevail somehow because I guess its easy and so easy to sell gym </p><p>memberships for, fancy a gym ad saying come here and train with us, after the squats you wont be </p><p>able to walk properly this could scare most people of, but it is whats required and not as daunting </p><p>as it sounds. </p><p>However the real crux to how do you get lean is in your head, the process is simple as described </p><p>above, and where it comes apart is in your head. You really need to know why you want it and </p><p>decide (the power is in making this decision, draw a line in the sand and step over it and know </p><p>theres no going back) that you are going to achieve your leaner self and then follow through and do </p><p>what it takes consistently, if you havent decided and are just going through the motions for the </p><p>sake of it, combined with doing exercises that wont deliver results (endless cardio pumping, latest </p><p>celebrity workout, only isolation exercises to target the muscles and burn or some variation of these) </p><p>then you are on the road to nowhere and could easily come off, especially when progress is slow and </p><p>you lose motivation thinking you are spinning your wheels ( which to be fair is understandable ). But </p><p>now you are ahead of the game, you know how do you get lean is simple technically with a difficult </p><p>mind game, dont let that discourage you, use it to empower you, to decide and test the mettle of </p><p>your character, knowing what to expect is half the battle, use knowing that its a difficult mind game </p><p>to empower you, from the moment you truly decide to step over the line, to each time you stick to </p><p>the diet, to when you do a set of heavy squats or deadlifts (and know what not being able to walk </p><p>properly means) know that you are moving forward and its only a matter of time before your lean </p><p>self emerges. </p><p>So in conclusion you came here wanting to know how do you get lean, the answer is probably not </p><p>what you were expecting is it? Dont let the endless information out there give you the illusion that </p><p>its a complex process, its not, its simple, eat basic whole foods, (but minimise any grains, avoid if </p><p>you can, but thats a subject for another day) and train heavy with intensity. Decide in your mind </p><p>that you are not going back and are going to stick it out and let your willpower and confidence grow </p><p>on the journey. </p></li><li><p>Emma Rasmussen is a women who is concerned and bemused with the misconceptions out there </p><p>about how do you get lean, its simple a process and should grow you mentally to new levels, check </p><p>out more free reports at </p><p></p></li></ul>