Get Lean: A guide to lean hiring

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Its undeniable, over the years; hiring processes have become more complex. In many ways, this shouldn't come as a surprise. After all, the work that most of us do has become more sophisticated. But, does complexity really lead to better, faster hires? Of course not. In fact, many smart organizations have started a trend, a return to simplicity that allows them to compete for talent for efficiently. This trend is called lean hiring.


  • 1. Get Lean: A Guide to Lean HiringLean hiring is the systematic approach to recruiting that increases overall productivity by eliminating wasted steps and periods of inactivity, driving decisions and promoting consistency.
  • 2. You are not makingsausage, you arehiring people.Are you just putting morecandidates into the meat grinder orare you trying to hire better peoplefaster?Smart organizations place moreemphasis on simplifying theirprocess, driving decisions, beingconsistent and treating applicantslike people, not parts.
  • 3. 3 Keys to Lean Hiring Simplify Drive Decisions Be Consistent
  • 4. SimplifyThe easiest way to hire better people faster is to simplify your recruiting process byeliminating wasted steps, paper forms, burning hoops and anything else that createsunnecessary friction in your process. Dissect your entire recruiting process from jobapproval to requesting a background check and making an offers. Remove anything thatcan create inefficiency. Next, standardize the stages of your recruiting process acrossyour company while maintaining enough flexibility to address dynamic events.Quick Tip:Avoid over customization, extra steps, paper forms, excessive consensus building andanything else that creates unnecessary complexity.
  • 5. Drive DecisionsThe hiring process is comprised of discrete, sequential events that are driven by aseries of yes and no decisions that act as stage-gates. This makes the hiring process is anatural candidate for lean. By sharing decision making responsibility amongstrecruiters, HR and hiring managers in a streamlined, consistent manner you will drivethe events that drive hiring and eliminate periods of inactivity (waiting). Waiting kills ahiring process.Quick Tip:Choose applicant tracking software that is designed to drive the decisions that drivehiring and one thats easy enough for everyone on your team to use with little or notraining.
  • 6. Be ConsistentAs with any process, consistency is only achieved through discipline and a whole lot ofpractice. Ultimately, consistency drives more than just efficiency or cost reductions, itsalso critical for promoting compliance and producing measurable analytics. Only with alean recruiting process with well defined stages, will you capture all the requiredcompliance output, pinpoint bottlenecks and continuously find areas for improvement.Quick Tip:Standardize recruiting processes across your company. Once you thoughtfully set yourcourse, stay on it and make minor adjustments along the way. Among other things, thiswill make measuring results and reporting key data manageable.
  • 7. Additional Resources:Video: Applicant Tracking Software That Drives Decisions Tracking Software that Promotes Lean Hiring This is a public service announcement from