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1. VSO ENTREPRENEURTAJIKISTAN 2014 2. TajikistanBased in Khujand,the 2nd biggest city in TajikistanMy host family:3 generations in one houseLiving in a house just outside the cityMy counterpart Zalina, university student 3. Working with the National Association ofBusinesswomen of Tajikistan (NABWT)Businesses included a party planner, laundrette,kindergarten, craft businesses and an education centreTasks included marketing, advertising, decorating,crafting and writing business strategy 4. Skills & ExperienceTraining:Marketing training from a local business womanLocal volunteers to help with knowledge of thecity and translationSkills learnt and used:PlanningMarketingDesignCraftingPresentingNegotiatingResearchingNetworkingBusiness fair for all theBusinesses involved 5. How has it helped?Learnt how to work cross culturallyExperience of working with young peopleLearning and experience a totally different cultureImproved presentation skillsBuilt confidenceLearnt about facilitation