Keys to Successful Wheat Production

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Keys to Successful Wheat ProductionOptimizing Wheat Production withWolf Trax Innovative Nutrients

How to optimize wheat yieldGrain Yield

Vegetative Growth# kernels per headEmergence# plants per unit areaReproductive# and size of kernels

ENSURE Rapid, early and even emergenceStrategy #1Reality #1: Young seedlings are most vulnerable at planting and through the winter


Young seedling stress

Excessive moisture or drought = slow seedling growth and limited nutrient availabilityTo preserve yield potential, seedlings have to overcome the disadvantages of early stresses

Excellent seed varieties and seed protection options for growers to ensure fast and even germination and strong seedling growth


Revisit your crops nutrient needsconsider HOW MICRONUTRIENTS CAN IMPROVE GROWTH & GRAIN FILLStrategy #2Reality #2: Many growers dont soil test regularly or understand importance of micronutrient fertilizers


Quiz Time: Have you seen the following in your wheat fields?

Leaf and stem distortions?

Increased disease incidence?

Copper is relatively imobile in plant tissue therefore the youngest tissue is the first to be impacted with die-back, distortion, etc. You may also see enhanced tillering as apical tissue is damaged.

Wheat crops that have insufficient copper may experience reduced seed set resulting from reduced pollen fertility, resulting in lost yield.


Copper problems are common!

35 % of soils in Central Wheat Beltand Atlantic Coastal Plain test marginal for Copper

Source: USA Kubota survey of Cu levels in indicator plants

Role of Copper in plantsEssential in photosynthesis and respirationVital component of lignen, which forms in cell walls and is key to fighting pathogenic fungiOne of least abundant micronutrients found in plant tissues

Copper is a building block for proteins and photosynthetic structures. It is vital to building lignin, which forms cell walls and helps fight disease. In addition, copper helps detoxify free radicals and is an important part of the mitochondrial electron transport chain. Copper is essential in no fewer than 13 metabolic pathways in the plant.


Copper Important when NeededImportant minor nutrients can greatly impact yield In wheat, copper deficiency affects flowering and the reproductive process more than vegetative growth. Vital component in cell wall development and assists in managing fungal infection. When copper levels are insufficient, wheat yields can be markedly reduced without much visual effect on how the leaves in the field. While low level copper levels can impact wheat crops, other micronutrients like zinc and boron have a role in proper crop development and yield potential as well.

Other important MicrosZincZinc is an essential part of growth, development and reproduction in plantsDeficiency symptoms may be stunted plants, chlorosisManganese, Boron and Iron are also important micronutrients

Zinc deficiency in barley. Zinc deficient leaf showing initial symptoms of pale yellow linear chlorotic areas.Source:

WHEN do Plants Need a Micronutrient? Micronutrients are needed WEEKS before symptoms occurPlants are under stress before symptoms are even visibleAttempting to correct deficiencies or just-in-time applications WILL rob yield

BUTSoil applied micronutrients are not always effective in treating micronutrient deficiencies

Heres whySparse distribution in the fieldImmobile nutrients in the soil AND plantTie-up with the soil (high pH is worse)

So what tools can wheat growers use to treat micronutrient deficiencies?

Wolf Trax Innovative NutrientsCopper DDP (57.5%)Zinc DDP (62%)Magnesium DDP (20.0%)Manganese DDP (33%)Boron DDP (18.5%)Iron DDP (47%)Calcium DDP (27%)Wolf Trax DDP Nutrients feature two patented technologies that make them a better micronutrient source for your wheat crop!


Innovative EvenCoat TechnologyA more efficient application optionPatented Coating TechnologyEach and every fertilizer granule is coatedImproves distribution in the fieldUse less nutrient to get better uptake

Granular fertilizer coated with DDPFor a demonstration of EvenCoat technology, visit


Innovative PlantActiv FormulationWolf Trax DDP Nutrients have been designed for optimum plant availability Chemical FormulationDual-Action formulationResist Soil Tie-UpPhysical FormulationIdeal particle size for uptake

DDP = Dry Dispersible Powder Technology


DDP Nutrients deliver early nutritionHighly Effective PlantActiv formulation+Better distribution with EvenCoat Technology= Earlier delivery of nutrients

153 granules of fertilizer throughout rooting depth, all coated with DDP Micronutrients mean better root interception (15x5x3 inch soil profile)2 granules of micronutrient are sparsely distributed and leave micronutrient fertilization to chance

DDP Coating of 0.9 lb/ac on 150 lb/ac34-17 dry blendTypical granular micronutrient at 5 lb/acVS


Wolf Trax Copper DDP is more effectiveCopper is the most immobile micronutrient. This makes relatively sparse granular copper applications challenging for young roots to find. Wolf Trax Copper DDP with EvenCoat Technology maximizes root uptake of copper

Once in the plant, copper does not easily move into new leaves, therefore, a copper supply is needed throughout the growing season.This can only be accomplished with an effective soil application, like Wolf Trax Copper DDP.

When to use Wolf Trax Copper DDPConsider Wolf Trax Copper DDP if you have:Low Organic, Sandy soilsFields that have experienced low copper soil or tissue levels; where past wheat crops have exhibited copper deficiency symptoms or where past wheat crops have had good vegetative growth yet disappointing yields

Field Results with Wolf Trax DDP

Early delivery of Wolf Trax Cu DDP applied at planting result in several days differences in crop maturity and more rigorous stands in this wheat field.

Field Tested.. Proven Results


Rethink your phosphorousnew tools in a new eraFood for thought

Moving on, its important to feed your crop as early as possible. 21

Scientific research shows.EARLY uptake of phosphorus is critical to plant growth By the time plants attain about 25% of their total dry weight, they have accumulated as much as 75% of their phosphorus requirement (McKenzie, R. H. and Middleton, A. Agri-Facts)

This graph demonstrates how the plant gobbles up massive amounts of P in the first 3 weeks

Phosphorus is one of the major plant nutrients in the soilPhosphorus is essential for cell division and development of the growing tip of the plantFor this reason, phosphorus is VITAL for seedlings and young plants 22

Introducing.A new phosphorus based fertilizer from Wolf TraxBased on DDP technology platformDesigned for better delivery of early-season nutrition

You are here today to learn about a new phosphorus-based fertilizer from Wolf Trax.Its based on the DDP technology platform. works like a DDPPrimary design is to offer better delivery of early-season nutrition

BUT.why is early season nutrition important and challenging to achieve with granular phos.23

An Ideal Combination of NutrientsNu-Trax P+ features the CropStart Nutrient PackageCustom blend of phosphorus, zinc, manganese and nitrogenThese nutrients are known to be needed by young seedlings, but are difficult to access early in the season

This blend was scientifically designed for optimal early-season growth

Delivers early-season nutrition

PlantActiv Formulation

CropStart Nutrient PackageEvenCoat Technology

In Summary.25

Field Results 2014

Wheat treated with Nu-Trax P+ shows longer, more developed roots.Wetaskawin, AB June 2014

Field Results 2014

Nu-Trax P+ as a fertilizer coating has a positive impact on root proliferation in wheat. Vauxhall AB 2013


Field Results 2014University of Maryland conducted a study in no-till/min till wheatNu-Trax P+ applied at 2.1 lb/acHarvested July 2014

+2.8 bu


Just 2 lb/ac of Nu-Trax P+ fertilizer puts YOU in charge of delivering the nutrition your crops need for a strong start!

In Summary Drive rapid, early and even plant emergence with good quality seed and seed protection productsConsider improved early-delivery of essential nutrients to your crop with Wolf Trax DDP productsRethink your Phos