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  • 1. Target Advertising brandsaudience who will want toSome say indie types are modern day hippiesprofileadvertise to this demographic: Top shop, obey, supreme, hmv, itunes, ticket master, atticus.Exploring individuality.Age: 15/16 23Gender: UnisexHappiness & fun iseverything, money isGenre: Indienot a priority.Favourite outings: Gigs,hmv, the park on hot days,Explore newskate park, band practise.things and liketaking notesSummer holiday trips: The and takingbeach in the evening by a pictures.fire, reading festival,Chilled, cool, calm, care free.download festival, tripsaround the country in afriends Volkswagen.Favourite bands: Bombaybicycle club, lana del ray,Kings of leon, the kooks,the cure, the smiths.

2. ConceptMy music magazine will be for the individuals of the music world, the ones who like alternative dresssenses, behaviour, looks and music itself. This means my genre will of course be indie. I have decided tonot go into further more specific detail with the genre therefore creating sub genres (for example indie-rock)as I like the idea of each magazine issue to have a different alternative feel to it.My potential target audience will be in the age range of 15/16 probably up to the age of 23. It will defiantlybe unisex I like the idea of boys and girls able to read the same magazine. The magazine itself will need tobe alternative therefore I will need to make as many features of it alternative.The unique selling points will be the - exclusive interviews- Free posters- eye catching front cover- Time line or other feature on the DPS- Easy to understand contents page- Minimalistic front cover to link with genre Publishing HouseI have decided to use Bauer as my form of publisher. My reason for this is that yes they dopublish other music magazines such as smash hits, kerrang and 4music. But the closestthing they publish to an indie magazine is q even then that is not the style I am going for.My magazine in comparison with Q will be for a younger demographic, it will be brighter, itwill focus on new music as opposed to people already signed, it will give away free postersand have a layout which resembles q in no way. 3. About their music: It has a very indie style to it along with beautiful guitar riffs and occasionally heavy material on the odd song.Genre: IndieArtistGigs: Supporting bombay bicycle club on their tour along with playing small venues solely.What is special about them: They are extremely original and the sounds they make are like never before.Why are they on your magazine: They are the definition of alternative and cool, they are interesting characters who create great music.Portfolio-Added info: There is one more girl member named Georgia who plays guitar along with Spencer creating great sounds together but herportfolio is not on here as she did not attend the photo shoot that day.Option one. Name: Spencer Age: 19 Where is he from: HertfordshireName: Plester How did he begin music: He learnt to Age: 16 play guitar from a young age and has Where is he from: Essex been writing music for a very long time. How did he begin music: HeName: Jess Jess is a child hood friend and theyName: Claudiauploaded drum solos heAge: 18would go up to Camden lock together Age: 17created onto YouTube whichWhere is she from: Hertfordshire and play music most of the time, then Where is she from: Camden lock jess and Spencer found andHow did she begin music: She How did she begin music: The deciding they want to form a band. they loved the originality andstarted going to Camden lock withband discovered Claudia playingfriends from a young age and About his playing: He has a unique flare. finger picking guitar style and will be bass guitar in a small gig venue About his playing: His bmpalways found peoples originalityfascinating and the music inspiring. seen playing acoustic and electricin Camden. when he gets going is out ofShe would sing while friends playedinstruments. He comes up with About her playing: She can this world, the same with hisguitar up there and it all eventuallyinteresting rhythms and will experiment move her fingers on that passion.became a passion of theirs.with new ideas having no fear ofinstrument like nothing you have Distinguishable features/About her voice: She has a light failure.ever seen before, she playsiconic traits: He is the baby,voice with a distinguishable twang toDistinguishable features/iconic traits: effortlessly but brilliantly.his boy like charm made himit which is hard not to find intriguing. Distinguishable features/iconic His prominent cheek bones and bright the indie justin bieber typeShe can hold a note perfectly andtraits: She has a cut throat, kickwith power. blue eyes give him an attractive model character. It is impossible like look. His legs are very skinny and ass attitude. She will be seen not to love the way he looksDistinguishable features/iconictraits: Two lower lip piercings, longhe wears the tightest of jeans to showmost of the time with a cigaretteand the way he is. He alsolegs, tattoos and constant hairthem off. in mouth and shades on.has a lip ring.colour and length changes. 4. Name: Maisie Berry/ Maisie BArtist portfolio option 2Age: 18Gigs: Supporting bombay bicycle club on their tour. Also enjoys festivals.What is special about her: She fits in perfectly with my genre of magazine as a main feature is expressingindividuality. The reason she fits in is because she doesnt fit in with generic pop icons such as being superskinny, stylish and sexy, she has her own look and individual style.Where is she from: HertfordshireHow did she begin music: Always being an outstanding singer has given Maisie the love for music, from there onshe learnt many instruments to compliment her beautiful voice.About her music: She creates a beautiful girly sound and stunning melodies on any instrument.