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My chosen movie genre 1

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  • 1. I am going to produce a horror/thriller movie trailer which will scare my audience but as well make them interested about the teaser trailer to make them want to find out more about the movie and want to watch the movie in a future date.

2. THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT This movie teaser trailer is a slow and quiet movie trailer which sends shivers down your spine. It makes you want to watch the film and find out more about it. The trailer does what it sets out to do and that is make the viewer of the trailer want to fin out more about the film. This trailer is aimed at mainly teenagers or above as this trailer is a scary trailer and attracts an older audience. 3. The trailer is only 47 seconds long and threw out most of the trailer you do not see much apart from a black screen with a voice over going on in the background. At the start of the trailer there is writing on the screen which shows and explains what the film is about. The voice over is of a lady and she is apologising about going on the trip into the woods of which by her doing this it explains the movie and what it is about. The tone of her voice as she is talking shows she is scared and you can sense the fear in her voice of which this connotes fear. This creates fear, tension and sends shivers down your spine. As she is speaking you can here she is outside as you can here a slight noise of bugs in the background this creates the effect that she is stuck outside. 4. Towards the end of the trailer you see a extreme close up of the lady face lightened up by a torch light for only a couple of seconds of which she says I'm so scared. You can see the terror in the ladies eyes as she her eyes are watery and wide open. This little extract of the trailer shows the lady is truly terrified and creates a feeling of fear when watching the trailer. The mains colours used in this trailer are dark colours due to the fact horror films are usually represented with dark colour as dark colours are seemed to be scary. 5. INSIDIOUS The Insidious trailer starts of slow the son (Dalton Lambert). He is lying in a hospital bed unconscious. The mum is watching over him and she says He's not in a coma, they dont know what it is. This creates distress and tension while watching the trailer. There is then a establishing shot showing the house of which is the main part of where all the creepy things go on. You then here then main lady actress saying she wants to leave the house as she seems to be terrified of which something has happened. The watchers of the trailer dont know why she is saying this which makes you want to watch the trailer more and more to find out why she was so scared. 6. There is then fast cuts between different scenes showing scary parts and different aspects of the film. During this part of the trailer there is score which builds up getting louder and louder as the fast cuts to different scenes build up going faster and faster. As the cuts are fast and the background sound is fast and loud this creates fear/exitement and strangely as the cuts are fast and the sound is loud it makes you want to keep watching it. It then slows right down and shows a dark long corridor which creates the feeling of anxiety as you dont know what is going to happen. During this corridor scene there is a voice over of which says Its not the house that is haunted, its your son. When this gets said there is again very fast cuts between horror parts of the movie with loud music on in background which is aimed to scare the audience watching the film but as well make them interested into watching it as well. This trailer does exactly what it is set out to do and that is make people want to watch and find out more about the movie. I can back up this opinion as since I started researching this film again and watching its trailers, I have personally watch this film again due to its trailers. 7. The main colours used in this trailer are dark and grey colours with a little bit of red here and there. These colours are used as stereotypically dark colours are scary and the colour red represents blood and horror. So by using these colours they perfectly represent a horror film. The main target audience for this film is teenagers aged 15 years or above due to the fact this trailer is scary and it represents a scary film so if anyone younger then this age watched the film, it may scare them badly. The main clothes worn in this film are traditionally normal styled clothes which represents and shows how they are just a normal family. 8. THE WOMAN IN BLACK This trailer is a traditional horror movie trailer as it starts slow by in the first speaking scene you see a lady saying Please dont go to the marsh house. This emphasises the fact that there is something wrong with this house straight away. You then see a establishing shot showing the main character driving to the marsh house showing it is in a creepy and remote location. I then goes threw a few scenes showing the main character exploring the creepy house. There is weary sounds going on during these scenes to create tension and a nervous atmosphere. Then in the following scene the main character is looking threw the past owners of the houses family photos and in one the photos there is a ghostly figure standing in the a corner window behind the family. This draws the watcher in and makes you interested in the trailer and what will happen next. 9. The trailer then builds up speed as the main actor says, he feels something is trying to reach him. There is then a lot of jump cuts between scenes of the movie showing creepy and scary things happening inside the house. Between the cuts there is loud bangs getting faster and faster which could be representing a heart beat which creates fear and tension. There is then a scene where you see a girl climb out of a marsh grave. This girl looks very similar to the creepy girl who is seen in the window which makes it even more worrying and scary to watch the trailer as the girl seems to be walking into the house the main actor is in. The trailer then speeds up with very fast cuts to other scary scenes of the film to end the trailer with the watcher scare, worried and wanting to find out more about the film. The clothes worn in this trailer are old fashioned styled clothes to show and represent how the film is set in the past around the 1920s. This trailer is aimed at people aged 13 years or above as it is not to scary, but however may scare people younger then this age.