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2. The BasicsName:Lauren Michele Novak Current Location:Lubbock, Texas Age:18 Languages: Spanish & English 3. Work Experience In Sugarland, TX StompingGrounds Playland: May-August 2010 Worked in customer service, made drinks, handled cashregister, monitored children, cleaned bathrooms, playstructure, behind counter and kitchen prep. Techno Chaos: May 2011- present Customer service, monitor children, party hostess, clean playstructures Certified babysitter: April 2006- present Children aged 1-11 4. Education StephenF Austin high school 3434 Pheasant Creek Drive Sugar Land, TX 7749 Graduated: May 2011 TexasTech University 2500 Broadway, Lubbock, TX Major: Community, Family, and Addiction Services Expected Graduation: May 2015 5. My Completed Classes Political Science 1 & 2 A Introduction to Psychology A English: College Rhetoric A Introduction to Community, Family, &Addiction Services B Understanding Drugs, Alcohol, & AddictiveBehaviors B Introduction to College of Human Sciences C 6. My Current Classes Communication,Civility, & Ethics PersonalFinancial Planning Scienceof Nutrition English: Advanced College Rhetoric Multicultural Competence 7. Volunteer Work Catechist Taught a class of 5th graders about Catholic faith Prepared 1st graders for first communion Sugarland, Texas Habitat for humanity Insulation, title placement, and cleaned housesbuilt for the less fortunate Katy, Texas Holy meals Cooked and served hot meals for homeless indowntown Houston, Texas 8. In high school French club Discussed French literature, art, and culture Spanish club Discussed Hispanic culture, literature, and geography Yearbook club Designed pages, wrote articles, interviewed studentsand faculty, edited other pages Photoshop, Web design Science club Discussed various scientific theories, createdprojects, worked with diverse students, and testedtheories Book club Discussed literature, and read various novels andarticles 9. Growing UpGrowing up I was often times excluded. I didnt always fit in and this caused my self worth to completely turn sour. However, as I grew up I experienced many things that have changed me. Throughout my life Ive learned many things, but most importantly I learned how to love myself. By respecting and appreciating myself, Ive learned to be more positive and appreciating of others. Due to my past experiences Ive become a stronger, more empathetic human being. 10. Interests People Children Photography Learning Writing Reading Helping others 11. My traitsoCaring oKind oCiviloCourteous oStudious oHardworkingoUnderstandingoProblem solver oCreativeoUnique oMulticultural oBilingualoCompetent 12. www.strengthsquest.comMy StrengthsPositivityIncluderConsistencyAdaptabilityCommunication 13. Contact