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  1. 1. Student Industrial Training (SIT) Name : Muhamad khairul filhan bin nusi Matric No : 18562 Programme : ICT Place of Internship : MIMOS KHTP
  2. 2. Outline About Company Internship overview Challenges & limitations Achievements Self-Evaluations Recommmendations
  3. 3. About MIMOS l MIMOS BERHAD (Malaysia's national R&D centre in ICT) l Established on 16 March 1995, as a company under the Ministry of Finance (MoF) . l MIMOS main activities : Focusing on developing technology platforms. Conducts research through innovative projects. Develop software for government agencies Enhance the marketing channel for the entrepreneur MIMOS TPMMIMOS KHTP
  4. 4. MIMOS Operations Vision To be a Premier applied research centre in frontier technologies Mission To pioneer innovative information and communication technologies towards growing globally competitive indigenous industries. My Team MIMOS Products Department
  5. 5. Overview of the Internship MIMOS KHTP (Software Development Team SDL) From January 19, 2015 to August 21, 2015 Projects : Public void project { Maven, NoSQL Database, Serialization , ElasticSearch, Jsoup, Coding Pattern }
  6. 6. NoSQL Database NoSQL databases family : non-relational document-oriented no prexed, rigid, database schemas no joins horizontal scalability Document/oriented : MongoDB Key value : MapDB
  7. 7. MongoDB with JAVA API Scalable High-Performance Open-source and Document-oriented database Full-index support for high performance Made up of multiple collections and its schema-less,contains documents. MongoJack ( Perfect Jackson Mapper ) Reason : MongoDB uses BSON to store documents. MongoJack provide Java JSON mapper for MongoDB. Deserialises queried object directly from the MongoDB stream Supports mapping ObjectIds to strings and byte arrays, using an @ObjectID annotation. Theory Aspects
  8. 8. Develop the working RESTful webservices using Jetty and the MongoDB database. MongoDB with JAVA API Technical Aspects Perform all the basic MongoDB CURD operations using the JAVA API. Working and iterate with the Java model (person,company ). Learn the MongoDB utility pattern. Monitor all the database data using MonjaDB.
  9. 9. MapDB with JAVA API Pure Java database and embedded database engine. Provides Java collections backed by disk/memory. Huge indexes and persistent data model. Theory Aspects Benefit of using MapDB High performance compared to HashMap Secondary Collections. Overcome the limitations of scalability and performance by the rational databases. Using the Bind class, we can establishi binding and perform mapping. Primary Collections Secondary Collections Mapping
  10. 10. Technical Aspects Perform all the basic MapDB CURD operations using the JAVA API. Working and iterate with the Java model (person,company ). Learn the MapDB utility pattern. Develop the working RESTful webservices using Jetty and the MapDB database. (InverseMapping is implemented here). MapDB with JAVA API
  11. 11. Serialization Gson Gson is a Java library to convert java objects to/from JSON presentation. JSON is a JavaScript Object Notation,data-interchange format. Allow custom representation for objects. toJson() and fromJson() method Disadvantages : Slow serialization and deserialization performance compared to Jackson. Dont have Tree model structure (DOM-like access). Only default constructor can be used .
  12. 12. Serialization Apache Avro Rich data structures ,compact and fast binary data formats. Store persistent data in a container file. Relies on schemas. The schema is used every time we access the avro data. Special features : Dynamic Typing Untagged data No manually-assigned field IDs Already implement Avro jersey protocols. The performance is fast.
  13. 13. ElasticSearch Features : Distributed and multitenant-capable full-text search engine with a RESTful web interface Schema-free JSON documents. Allow storing,searching and analyzing big volumes of data quickly. Technical Aspect Perform the basic ElasticSearch operation using the Java API such as Index,Get,Search,Delete and Update. Develop the utility class for the ElasticSearch by referring to the recommended pattern.
  14. 14. ElasticSearch Screenshot from the project.
  15. 15. Jsoup Best Java HTML parser,implements the HTML5 specifications. Consist of DOM ( Document-object model ) to ease the input, extracting data, modifying data and cleaning HTML process. Very fast and high performance in extracting data from the HTML. My Task Query the elements and contents from the websites like TheStar and myMetro. Clean the Html contents by using HtmlCleaner libraries.
  16. 16. Jsoup Screenshot from the project. Tools Description Unit Test HtmlUnit Jsoup Extract Html JTidy Traverse XML elements
  17. 17. Apache Maven Maven is the build-tool or software project management tools. Maven build lifecycle is a well define the order in which the goals are to be executed. Maven Goals : clean package install generate-sources deploy
  18. 18. JUnit Perfect unit testing framework for the Java programming languages. Assisting in development of test-drive development. Features : Follow the unit testing pattern provided from Mr. Matthew. Provides Annotation to identify the test methods. Provides Assertion for testing expected results. Less complex and take less time.
  19. 19. Current Project RESTNoSQL - Understand the REST Java protocol. - Implements the project design pattern such as proxy, command and filter pattern. - Steps to the final project delivarables. Delivarables item
  20. 20. Challenges and Achievement Challenges Professional Environment New Technology Requirements Achievement MongoDB, MapDB, ElasticSearch, Apache Lucene Java advance concept and framework ( MVC ) Data structures in Java JUnit ( Test cases ),Jsoup Serialization : Avro, Gson Coding pattern and naming conventions in Java Time management Deductive and inductive coding Critical reasoning and clean coding
  21. 21. Self - Evaluation Quality of work Initiative Quantity of work Attendance Punctuality Dependability Attitude Relation with others Overall Work on own initiative Good Regular Good Good Good Very Good Very good and accepted Good
  22. 22. Conclusion Industrial training program in MIMOS had given oppurtinities to trainee to prepare themself as future IT experts. MIMOS is one of the best R&D company for trainee to have exposure on Information Technology development industry. MIMOS has a lot of dedicated employees who is willing to help to make this industrial training program a success. Well delivered the final project and give benefits to the Host Company supervisor and manager. Recommendations Applying the leading company work environment into MIMOS culture. Reduce the relationship gap between the industry and education. Encourages employees to think strategically about the R&D activities in MIMOS.

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