Strategies for Mobile Teaching & Learning

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A workshop at AECT 2011 led by Drs. Michael M. Grant & Joanne Gikas.

Text of Strategies for Mobile Teaching & Learning

  • 1.Strategies for MOBILE TEACHING & LEARNING Michael M. Grant, PhD Joanne Gikas, EdD November 9, 2011 Michael M. Grant 2011

2. Michael M. GrantThe University of Memphis@michaelmgranthttp:/ / 3. Joanne GikasThe University of Memphis@ecampusUMhttp:/ / 4. 5. Dont know whatto do with that square thingy? Just wait.Download the slides &resources fromthis URL. 6. Whats our goal? 7. 1. Introductions & goals2. Polling & text messaging3. Phonecasting & Phlogging4. QR codes5. Mobile apps war6. Capturing student artifacts7. Twitter8. Building ebooks9. DemosAgenda 8. Polls, Phones & SMS 9. 40 Responses for free now. 10. Solve for X 11. TextTheMob & polltogo 12. remind101 13. JG: We need two images for Celly and ClassParrot Celly & classParrot 14. Definitions with Google SMSSMSSend a text to 466453 (Google) Define (word) 15. Phonecasting with iPadiohttp:/ / 16. Screenshot Image needed if we go with this Slidecasting with iPadio & Slideshare 17. Using Google VoiceVideo from 18. Using QR Codes 19. Android iOS To scan, you need a QR code reader.Not one of these? Check your app store/online for a reader for yourphone. Blackberry, Im told, has one built into the system. 20. QR codes every day 21. Lets try it out! 22. Links to Slideshows 23. This diagram displays which plate boundary? 24. This diagram displays which plate boundary? 25. 9 127Calculate. 26. 9 127Calculate. 27. Anyone tweeting? 28. URL SitesShortenersQRjumps.comGoo.glGoQR.meBit.lyQRstuff.comTo create, you need a QR code generator. 29. In 30. In 31., & QRjumps.comoptions for encoding, sizes & output 32., & QRjumps.comoptions for encoding, sizes & output 33., & QRjumps.comoptions for encoding, sizes & output 34. Fantastic ideas for QR codes.from Tom Barrett & Paul Simbeck-Hampson 35. Poe in the Pit | Interactive Comic 36. The Pit and the Pendulum | Interactive Comic 37. No smartphone? Try 38. On laptops or netbooks? Try QR Reader 39. Image needed 40. 41. Last one. Try this. 42. Mobile App War!h:p:// 43. Capturing Student Artifacts 44. Posterous Spaces 45. Make a statement (text, photo, video)about mobile teaching & learning.Put your name in the Subject Line.SMS Send a text to 901-451-9321Send an email toMMS post@viralnotebook.posterous.comSend an email toEmail 46. Normal. Email post in with Posterous recognizes the address & posts it to your site. Other email addresses can be added as contributors. Posterous will recognize these addresses then post automatically.Ways to post in Posterous. 47. Normal. A single cellphone number can be entered to post. SMS to 41411 Format: POST Message. Posterous does not accept MMS. (It will accept MMS with an email.)Ways to post in Posterous. 48. Allowing others to post without adding emails. Under Settings >> Commenting & Posting Set to Anyone can post, I will moderate.Ways to post in Posterous. 49. Allowing others to post without adding emails. Under Settings >> Commenting & Posting Set to Anyone can post, I will moderate. Others can email to Others can MMS to post@yoursite.posterous.comWays to post in Posterous. 50. Bypassing Posterous Limit to One Cell Number Directions at VoiceNote: Google Voice does not support MMS. Ways to post in Posterous. 51. Anyone can post. I dont recommend keeping this setting 24/7. Just for security & piece of mind.Consider a private site. I have not tried these posting options with a private site. Please let me know what works.Consider a Posterous site as an add-on.Recommendations 52. Postie 53. Twitter 54. Twitter 55. twtpoll 56. TweetChat 57. HootCourse | Home Screen 58. HootCourse | Essay Screen 59. HootCourse | Classroom Option 60. HootCourse | Embed Option 61. Tweeting?@michaelmgrant 62. Building eBooks 63. Sigil converts HTML to ePub.ePub works for iBooks, Nook & Adobe Digital Editions. Image from h:p:// 64. eBook App Word HTML Sigil ePub To Device - Webpage - Dropbox - Email - SyncUsing Sigil to Create an eBook 65. Using Calibre to Create eBooks 66. Great How-To Text 67. Demos 68. Cybrarymans Cellphones in Class 69. Download slides & resourcesfrom this URL. 70. Michael M. Grant 2011