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  • 1. Agenda 1. What is a Search Engine? 2. SEO Introduction / What is SEO? 3. SEO Cycle 4. Search Engine Basic 5. SEO Procedure

2. What is a Search Engine? Definition: An internet-based tool that searches an index of documents for a particular term, phrase or text specified by the user. Commonly used to refer to large web-based search engines that search through billions of pages on the internet. Common Characteristics: o Spider, Indexer, Database, Algorithm o Find matching documents and display them according to relevance o Frequent updates to documents searched and ranking algorithm o Strive to produce better, more relevant results than competitors 3. Examples popular Search Engines 4. How Search Engine Works Spider crawls the web to find new documents (web pages, other documents) typically by following hyperlinks from websites already in their database Search engines indexes the content (text, code) in these documents by adding it to their databases and then periodically updates this content Search engines search their own databases when a user enters in a search to find related documents (not searching web pages in real-time) Search engines rank the resulting documents using an algorithm (mathematical formula) by assigning various weights and ranking factors 5. How Search Engine Works Spider / Crawler Database Algorithm 6. How Search Engine Works 7. How Search Engine Works Algorithm On page Ranking Factor 1. Title Meta Tags 2. Heading Tags 3. Relevant content 4. Keywords density 5. Hyper link text 6. ALT Tags Off page Ranking Factor 1. Link Building 8. Search Engine statistics 9. SEO Introduction What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? The process of improving the websites in order to achieve higher ranking in Search Engines in known as Search Engine Optimization. The main objective for creating a website by any company is to make aware of about the company and its products / services. For this, Internet marketing plays an important role in driving the visitors to site using SEO techniques. Now, it becomes essential that the site should be listed in the top pages of the search engines and upbeat the competitors site. The process of getting search engines to pay attention to your web site requires specific, personalized service. To achieve this, proper SEO tools and techniques are applied to the site to achieve higher rankings and make site search engine friendly. 10. SEO Introduction Why You Need SEO? 85% of all traffic on the internet is referred by search engines 90% of all users dont look past the first 30 results (most only view top 10) Cost-effective advertising 11. SEO Introduction What Does SEO Provides? To promote the business at an economical rate To increase the site traffic and hence increases the site popularity To provide the needed information to the visitors in the best possible time To upbeat the competitors site in term of Search Engine Rankings 12. SEO Cycle Assessment Goal Setting Planing / Execution Maintenance 13. SEO Basic On page Criteria Keyword Research Content Title Tags Description Tags Keywords Tags Alt tags Headers Tags Internal link Bold, Italics and Underline Site Map Off Page Criteria Inbound Links Blogs Article and Press release submission Syndicating Rss Feeds 14. SEO Procedure A. Initial Setup Strategies B. Keyword and Competitive Analysis C. Site Optimization 1. On Page Site Optimization A. Keyword identification per page B. Content improvement as per keyword targeted C. Title / Meta Tags and description D. File naming E. Web Page Analysis 2. Off Page Site Optimization A. Link Building D. Paid Marketing / Promotion 1. Pay Per Click Campaign 2. Affiliate Marketing E. Site Verification & Positioning Reports