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Props list

Props listAND SCHEDULEWe used a phone for a prop in most of our background footage, in our montage for the beginning of the documentary and in some of our voxpops. Most of the time, we would show the person using social media on their phone as this is the main focus of our documentary.

We also used computers as props for our background footage and for mise-en-scene in our interviews. This is because a computer can access social media AND can be used for education meaning it links in with our topic.

In our home video, we used revision notes as a prop along with a mobile phone to reflect the typical routine of a teenager as the argument of our documentary focuses on how social media interrupts with education.

We used a laptop in our home video to convey how a student would work at home, making it more realistic.

ScheduleFirst day of filmingMonday 6th October11:20amCollect equipment (camera, tripod, microphone, headphones) from media room.Set up tripod in canteen for montage footage12:00amSet up tripod in library for background footage filmingSecond day of fimingTuesday 7th October8:30amCollect equipment (camera, tripod no microphone or headphones needed)Set up tripod and camera at front of college film zoom in shot of college sign and pan of collegeSet up tripod and camera in internet caf for pan of internet caf9:00amMeet actors at front of college for montage footageThird day of filmingTuesday 14th October8:30amCollect equipment (camera, tripod, headphones, )Record radio 1 podcast in media room

Fourth day of filmingWednesday 15th October10:00amCollect equipment (camera, tripod, headphones, microphone)Meet Paul Ashdown to interview for our expertFifth day of filmingFriday 17th October11:20amCollect equipment (camera, tripod, microphone, headphones)Interview receptionists for voxpopInterview exams officer for voxpop2:50pmCollect equipment (camera, tripod, microphone, headphones)Film interview with student development officer for expert 2

Sixth day of filmingMonday 20th October11:20amCollect equipment (camera, tripod, microphone, headphones)Meet students in reception area to film voxpopsFilm background footage of canteen and studentsSeventh dayTuesday 21st October8:30amSchedule home video for Friday and plan filming for itWork on blog add reflections

Eighth day of filmingFriday 24th October11:20amCollect equipment (camera, tripod, microphone, headphones)Take equipment home to film home videoReturn equipment at 12:30pm2:50pmCollect equipmentMeet English teacher Jane in English building for expert interview 3Ninth day of filmingMonday 3rd November (return after half term)11:20amCollect equipment (camera, tripod, microphone, headphones)Meet students in media room to film more voxpopsTenth day of filmingTuesday 4th November8:30amCollect equipment (camera, tripod, no sound needed)Film computer screen of social mediaLast day of filmingFriday 7th November11:20amCollect equipment (camera, tripod, microphone, headphones)Meet students in canteen to film voxpops12:00pmRecord montage footage close up of phone2:50pmLog all filming

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