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Popular Apps for Graphic Designers: Tips from DMAC Digital and Graphic Arts College in Florida

As a designer our world is stamped out daily by what we create or need to create for both our portfolio and our clients. One thing for sure is that technology moves fast. Since all the technical advancements hit us in the face daily, its important to stay cutting edge right along with the new age. Here are a few apps to help make your life easier and help you stay on the forefront of every project.

Vectorsnap for iOS and Vector Artist for Android are both great apps that can help make your life a little easier when you need to create vector files. Vectorsnap allows you to save your designs to your device and has gone through several improvements such as camera and moving between the apps. Vector Artist for droid does the same and allows you to share your gallery on Tumblr, Dropbox, etc. Vectorsnap cost .99 on iTunes while Vector Artist is free. Either one of these apps will help you be more efficient with workflow.

Asana or Slack is a must have for teams that work together. Both of these apps will allow your teams to work effectively by having the right communication tools to lean on while in the middle of a project. These are both free applications but have more advanced features available for additional cost. The use is simple with Slack being a little more advanced. Either one will assist you in managing your projects better and are suitable in working with groups.

Lynda.com and Udemy are two of the best learning apps on the net today. Lynda has partnered with LinkedIn and offers classes on every type of creative possible. Udemy offers over 17000 classes and is only $10 per class while Lynda.com charges $24.95 per month. Whats nice about both of these is that you can learn anything at any time.

Mypantone is terrific and any art designer better have something like this in their back pocket. If youre looking to create a color palette or match and identify colors that will be suitable for a project, this is a must have for you. There is a cost associated for this app which is available for both Droid and iPhone. The app also allows you to create a color scheme by using images. Once youve looked over your color palette you can reference this information to create a page layout.

Paper and Pencil by Fiftythree is another way that designers can Wacom are terrific apps that allow you to draw, design, write, and organize just about anything! It seems great ideas spring up the second youre on the road or doing something other than creating. This app will allow you to do a quick bout of sketching or drawing that can later be reopened for further edits. A stylus will be needed for Paper and Pencil and is set for iPhones and iPads while Wacom is a droid application and will need a styli. There are several tools within the app that can be purchased at once or one at a time whatever you prefer.

MyPrice app for iOS will help you price out projects more efficiently. Since we dont always have time to sit around and ponder what to charge a client this type of app is available and will make your life easier.These are just a few of our favorite apps but any app that you give you the advantage of continuing to create is great in our book.

What are some of your favorite apps?If you are interested in a career in graphic design and would like to know more about a great graphic design college in Florida contact DMAC Today!!!