How Graphic Designers should spend Thanksgiving

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Ahh Thanksgiving.. The time of the year when families get together, have a good time and give thanks for the many blessings they have enjoyed over the year. Unfortunately, a lot of graphic designers especially the freelancing self-managers tend to miss this opportunity to say thanks and celebrate the day in its true spirit. For them life is a fast-moving train and expressions of gratitude oftentimes get left at the station. Here's a revelation, designers can also enjoy Thanksgiving like everyone else. All they need is a little inspiration.


<ul><li> 1. HowGraphic DesignersShould Spend Thanksgiving</li></ul> <p> 2. Take a break from work 3. Start by saying "Today I am thankful for...If the only prayeryou said in yourwhole life was,"thank you," thatwould suffice 4. Celebrate in the true spiritGivethanks forunknownblessingsalready onthe way 5. TheThankfulreceiver bears aplentifulharvestSend Invites 6. Make AmendsIt is not the personsmistakes thatdefine them, its thewaythey makeamends 7. Make a No-Swear DayBe thankfulfor what you haveyou will end uphaving more. 8. Decorate with FamilyIf you count allyour assets,you will alwaysshow a profit 9. Share StoriesIt is not happypeople who arethankful;It is thankfulpeople who arehappy 10. Celebrate with FamilyWe often take forGranted thevery things that mostdeserve ourgratitude 11. Make a WishGratitudeturns what wehave intoenough 12. Celebrate with FriendsYour friend is yourfieldwhich yousow with love andreap withthanksgiving 13. Give PresentsNot what we say aboutour blessings, buthowwe use them,is the truemeasure of ourthanksgiving 14. Play Indoor GamesGratitudeconsists of being moreaware of what youhave, than whatyou dont 15. But if youre stuck at work and feeling home sick 16. Stay PositiveBe thankful forwhat you have. Yourlife, no matter howbad you think it is, issomeone elsesfairy tale</p>