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hi friends,Enjoy this interesting photo-quiz. It covers various topics. It is mostly pertaining to India and few of them across the world. Hope you'll enjoy it. The answers are given after the last question.

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  • 1. Enjoy this interesting Photo Quiz How many answers can you get it right? Starting with easy sitters it will slightly get tougher as you move ahead.

2. Connect these two genius players 3. Who is he and why is he famous? 4. Millions of YouTube views, whos he? 5. Identify this personality. She passedaway recently. 6. Everyone knows my business partner. Identify me? 7. Name the company 8. Identify him. 9. Flag of which country? 10. Identify the company which came upwith this Print ad. 11. Identify the person with Ashok Chavan 12. Whose suicide note is this?The text reads:To my friendsMy work is doneWhy wait?A small hint is given belowIt. The initials are G E.This person hasrevolutionized aprofession through hisinnovations. 13. This lone goal ensured that his team had a World Cup in hand. Identify Him? 14. Well known figure in the field of Economics 15. Hes the founder of a luxury automobilebrand. Identify the Brand name as well.Hint:His surname was thename his previouscompany. Later he usedthe English equivalent of itto name his new firm. 16. Answers:1. They share the same jersey number. No. 102. Geronimo Prominently remembered as the Code name for the Osama Killing. Hewas a Native American leader who fought against Mexico and US during Apachewars.3. Anirudh Ravichander, composer of Why this Kolaveri Di4. Sharada Dwivedi, Well known Historian, author of various books on history andculture of Bombay.5. Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple.6. Dassault Aviation, The Indian Airforce on 31st December shortlisted this company toimport fighter jets produced by this firm called Rafale.7. Muammar Gaddafi8. Libya9. Ferdinand Magellan10. Durex. 17. 11. Ram Pradhan, he headed a committee to evaluate and submit a report on the26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai.12. Geroge Eastman, founder of Eastman Kodak Company.13. Andre Iniesta, he scored the only goal for Spain in the extra-time to beatNetherland in the final of FIFA 2010.14. Aswath Damodaran, alumnus of IIM Bangalore. Well known professor at NYU forEquity Valuation and Corporate Finance. He is gaining prominence for his lectureson management subjects around the world.15. August Horch, Hes the founder of an automobile brand which came to be knownas Audi. After breaking away with his previous business partners with whom hehad started the Horch Brand. However August Horch was barred from using"Horch" as a trade name in his new car business, hence he named it as Audi whichmeans hear. Whereas Horch is the german word for the same.