2013 newsthink photo quiz for schools For questions, go to redcross.org.uk/quiz

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Text of 2013 newsthink photo quiz for schools For questions, go to redcross.org.uk/quiz

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  • 2013 newsthink photo quiz for schools For questions, go to redcross.org.uk/quiz
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  • There are two versions of the quiz powerpoint. One with photos and questions, the other with just photos. To find both go to redcross.org.uk/quiz Important note: The quiz takes a light-hearted approach. It is meant to be fun as well as educational. However, because it is news-related it refers to events that have badly affected very many people. Please be encouraged to maintain sensitivity to dignity and respect - keeping in mind the people behind the stories, even while enjoying the fun and argument of the quiz. Please also note that this quiz includes a photograph of people being treated with first aid as well as photos of people with nose bleeds. If you or your students are upset by the sight or discussion of blood then it's possibly best to avoid round 1 and round 3.
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  • Notes The photographs supplied with this quiz are fully protected by copyright. A license for educational use for each photograph has been acquired by the education unit of the British Red Cross. This allows schools and other educational organisations to use them freely, without payment, as part of the quiz package. The licence does not extend beyond this use. This means that anyone wishing to put the images on a website, crop or edit them, or use them in any other way than for the quiz, must first contact the copyright holder and negotiate a licence for the use they require. Picture agencies take violation of licences very seriously. Some charge punitive damages for unauthorised use of copyright photographs in some cases up to five times the standard licence fee. If you are unsure whether your proposed use is acceptable, please contact the copyright holder. The British Red Cross will be unable to assist anyone who violates the terms of the licence. This quiz was written by PJ White of alt62 and published in December 2013. Sign up to receive newsthink: free news-related education resources every fortnight via email redcross.org.uk/signup
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  • Photo captions and credits Photo 1:Bystanders help an injured woman at the scene of the first explosion near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on 15 April 2013. John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images Photo 2:A pedestrian holds onto a post in front of a woman falling down during strong winds in central Brussels on 28 October 2013. REUTERS/Francois Lenoir Photo 3:Clockwise from top left: Argentinas Juan Martin Del Potro suffers from a nosebleed during a tennis match against Slovakia's Karol Beck in Rotterdam on 16 February 2012 KOEN SUYK/AFP/Getty Images; Italy's Carolina Kostner holds her nose through her first spin during the World Figure Skating Championships in London 16 March 2013 Toronto Star/Getty Images; Brazilian footballer David Luiz tries to stop his nose from bleeding during a game against Mexico on 19 June 2013 REUTERS/Jorge Silva ;Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant (L) checks on team mate Pau Gasol (R) of Spain as his nose bleeds during an NBA basketball game on 6 January 2013 REUTERS/Danny Moloshok. Photo 4:People leave a town caught up in fighting between rebels and regional forces in the Central African Republic in January 2013 SIA KAMBOU/AFP/Getty Images Photo 5:Mo Farah competes for the ball during a charity football match between Arsenal Legends XI and World Refugee Internally Displaced Persons XI in Barnet on 23 June 2013. Alex Broadway/Getty Images Photo 6:Injured people receive hospital treatment after an earthquake on 22 July 2013 in Minxian, China. ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images Photo 7:An Oklahoman woman searches what is left of her house after a powerful tornado on 20 May 2013. Brett Deering/Getty Images