Persuasion, Influence, Innovation (despite barriers)

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Preview slides for a talk at Internet Librarian 2009, coming up on Oct. 28, 2009. Nicole Hennig and Rebecca Jones.

Text of Persuasion, Influence, Innovation (despite barriers)

  • 1.Persuasion, Inuence, Innovation (despite barriers) Internet Librarian 2009

2. Rebecca Jones Partner, Dysart & Associates Nicole Hennig Web Manager & Usability Specialist MIT Libraries 3. Preview slides full slides availableafter the 4. Want to innovate? 5. But having trouble withnaysayers? 6. This talk is for you. 7. You smart forward- thinking creative 8. Your situation bureaucracy shrinking budgets staff who resistchange micro-managers 9. For research-based tips... organizational psychology social research brain research 10. And inspiring true stories.... how MIT Libraries started its betas program and why it works 11. Come to our talk! 12. Inspired by 13. full slides availableafter the 14. Image credits Tag cloud made with - Nicole Hennig skeptical mannequin, Flickr: 2.0, Flickr: Dilbert sunower, Flickr: Getting Real by 37 signals: MIT Libraries betas: