Persuasion & Influence, despite barriers

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Tips and techniques from Made to Stick, Weird Ideas That Work, and the Art of Woo. Apply these tips to help librarians get support for innovation in their organizations.

Text of Persuasion & Influence, despite barriers

  • 1. Persuasion, Inuence, Innovation (despite barriers) Internet Librarian 2009

2. Rebecca Jones Partner, Dysart & Associates Nicole Hennig Web Manager & Usability Specialist MIT Libraries 3. Get the slides 4. Want to innovate? 5. But having trouble with naysayers? 6. Your situation bureaucracy shrinking budgets staff who resist change micro-managers 7. Research-based tips 8. Made to Stick Chip Heath, professor atStanford Dan Heath, Researcher,Harvard Business School 9. Sticky ideas Simple Unexpected Concrete Credible Emotional Story 10. Unexpectedness Break expectations 11. Masaru Ibuka Transistors 12. Masaru Ibuka Transistors + Radios 13. pocketable radio 14. Radio 15. 1957 - rst pocketable radio 16. Tell stories stories as simulation stories as inspiration 17. The conference storybook 18. The curse of knowledge 19. Weird Ideas That WorkRobert SuttonProfessor at Stanford Engineering School 20. Skyline - IDEO Story of IDEO and the thousands of toy ideas. Develop 4,000 ideas, turn 230 into prototypes, sell about 12. They keep showing ideas to potential customers. 21. Hotel hangers Brendan Boyle, designer from IDEO prototyped hanger tops so people could use hotel hangers at home. Top half of a hanger with a small slit for the ball, so you can use it at home. Never used it, but its a charming failure. 22. Reward success & failure, punish inaction Innovation comes from quantity.(in my next talk: how to make it safe to fail) 23. Art of Woo G. Richard Shell, professor, Wharton School Mario Moussa, faculty, Wharton School 24. Jodi Thompson & Cali ResslerROWE - Best Buy 25. We have more autonomy as college students than we do in the modern workplace. 26. Jodi Thompson & Cali Ressler had the idea, they worked with mid-level managers to try it out under the radar. Gathered data & testimonials for two years before approaching skeptical senior managers. Resonated with the culture, used language the managers could understand (data). 27. Foot in the door Find the right audience One small step Under the radar Speak the language of those you want to convince. 28. MIT Libraries Betas Modeled after Google Labs 29. "I don't understand why people are scared of new ideas. I'm scared of the old ones." -John Cage 30. Inspired by 31. Youre invited to: 32. Get the slides 33. Image credits Tag cloud made with from Twitter feed@nic221by Nicole Hennig skeptical mannequin, Flickr: 2.0, Flickr: Dilbert sunower, Flickr: MIT Libraries betas: