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Mcaninch poetry anthology(3)

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  • 1. My PoemMy poem had no meaning,It has no words of use.It simply is just hear to speak the solemn truth.If a poem was of love, or of someone so sweet,How does that change,Or world of abstract heat.Many have written of friendship, or family so close.Countless have written of break ups,and love so lost with hope.My hand writes the fact in which I see.As poems like a therapy.Within the mind that consist of rhythm and creativity.Keeping us amused.With every word we use.So what good is an actual poem?If it has no real meaning or use.

2. .L.ife.Your life was great in the beginning,Three years later it turns around.You shall never forgive your parents,For what they have newly found.Fox like you become,hiding in your den.One day though, you shall come out again.Not for good you seek.Right now you are very weak.Revenge is your only key.You are not ready to hurt you see.So what must you do now,To that thing your parents found 3. Only OneYou are as if a tiger,hiding in the brush.You may be loudly spoken,Others dont have that oddly token.But behind those devil eyes,I see where your shyness lies.You brush off all the shame,and run from all the blame.Youre lonely, scared, and a timid boy.It makes you very coy.You may not know it now,but youre far to near somehow.Your success is highly taken,Your errors are usually mistaken.Your distraction holds you back.Focus is what you lack.Look at me and see,that I am the only one for thee. 4. UnchangeableYou are as if a falling leaf,Drowning in your wet grief.Angry you may be,With every word as she.You two are unlike any other.You both cant help but abuse your mother.Its hard for you to see,the goodness within thee.Its unexplainable.How your tempers are unchangeable.But at least you know now,that under it you have control somehow.Unlike her who is lost with hope.Dont stop tugging on that rope.Its your way out of this hell.Just listen for the bell.Quickly now before its gone.Youre chance will close at dawn. 5. Help is what you need,But you are alone for your greed.Move faster before you sink,Your mind is filled with ink.Foggy and unclear,The end is almost near.Your new actions pull you back.Great another crack.Forget youre stomach aches,And your stupid headache.Its not as easy as expected.I know, I know you were neglected.Youre trapped in a timeless race.Cant look back or you will lose your pace.Just pause for a minute.You should know why youre in it.So go right ahead.And win before youre dead. 6. My QuestionHow could you just leave me,Why wouldnt you believe me.How could you go with her,Two days after was a blur.I cry myself to sleep,Because you make me weep.You knew my thought,How could you not.I found out through someone.He said I could tell no one.Did you ever think for a second,Or even try to beckon.Youve tried to apologizes,but noting is worse than you lies.At the beginning of that summer,You were so much dumber.Im so upset now.You think Im having a cow. 7. But thats not true,What you did was very blue.Even when you felt my pain,You hold me there in the rain.I never did anything wrong.Youre leaving me in that sad love song.I lost a friend that year,But I shall never shed a tear.She was fun, but now its over.What has made you now rover.Then that night you turned around,And our love was once again found.But this question is for you,Why did you change back too. 8. The BeastEyes black with thunder,Face hidden under.No one sees the truth.Shes so filled with Ruth.Just walk away.Hurry, I will lead the way.Trashy she may be.But none of you can see.Shes a dangerous soul.Her heart is filled with coal.She will lie, cheat, & steal.How could anyone appeal.Four letters, two the same.This is what consists in her name.My sister once before,But I wouldnt say that anymore.My own flesh, my own blood.Turned against me in a flood. 9. Im covered in her dirty water.She smiles and doesnt falter.Trapped in her never ending wrath.She never chose the right path.Now shes gone, theres no question.I just wonder if she ever listened to my suggestion. 10. The Four of YouIt was once fun,In the warm sun.We all had great times,But now its like sour limes.You four used to be the best,But now we need to put the old times to rest.You guys put some in tears.You two would make fun of our fears.One of you would call out guys,Two of you would start up lies.Three of you make fun of her,All of you have no one for sure.Keep it going, please dont stop.Because one day your gunna mop.Clean up the evil crazy things you always do.Run away, but it will come back (for you) without a clue. 11. Youre fake act isnt amusing,Youre sob stories are losing.Youre poor judgment is sad to see.Four together it shall always be.For now, forever no matter what.You four have sliced open a brand new cut. 12. Summer BreezeI like the summer breeze,Although it makes me sneeze.I wonder when the rain will stop.I hear the thunder inside pop.NatureThe wind blows through the trees,It always moves the leafs.Nature has its way of life,Earth is its natural wife.Growing in the spring of time.Flowers blooming to the chime.The sun beats down a pond the plains,The clouds then start the fall of rains. 13. SubstituteI had an annoying sub today,She was worse than the one last May.Her face is like a wilted flower,Her lectures have no effect or power.Her talks are way too long,Its like a background song.Tuned out, but yet still there.Annoying and no one cares.Over all I dont like subs that much,Because they dont know how to teach and such.PlaidThere once was a girl from Spain,Her clothes were much too plain.She hated all her plaid,So she got very mad.At the teacher who said shes insane. 14. Locked upUncovered and unveiled,my secrets have been mailed.Gone without a trace,but revealed in the race.Against time and knowledge,My life will be shared till college.I dont like being open,I am usually softly spoken.I dont speak until the very end,But you broke in and now I must mend.The gash like hole in which I see,You shall not be able to see through meTo many questions for you to ask,I am trying to hide behind my mask.Please dont speak of this again,I rather forget and not regain.The thoughts of which that night,Grow darker in the fight. 15. Against the memories,That mirror my identities.Freedom in which it came,Trust me even if its not the same.Thank you for being quick,Even though the subject is thick.I love you more now than ever.Because you didnt make you point sever.Youre experience and calmness very much so helps,Thank you for containing your inner yelps.Youre cooler than any other,Because no one has a better mother.