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Silva poetry anthology

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  1. 1. VoicesAutumn leaves fall in winterSummer rays burn skin till spring Why am I writing this thing?Life is like an active minefieldLook out for that sign it says Yield Life should regret death and war The wave crash onto the rocky shoreGreed and animosity cause others sufferingThe schools internet sucks, the videos just say bufferingNo one wins, winners are losers, and losers are still los- ers. NO beggar can be a chooser Why?
  2. 2. The hot waters soak the gel. All the rattlesnakes will go to hell.My car ran out of gas.Imma kick that guys _shin. Look at that guy flex. Yesterday I had hot steamy _food. I was on Google maps looking for a direction. While I was watching T.V., I got a huge _ idea.I told the guy he was a wussy.When I walked in the girls room all I smelt was _ pepperoni. I was looking at the baseball mitts. Then this girl walked in with huge _ discounts.
  3. 3. The sky is blue and birds are singing.My desire will lead to deathSomeone spilled my cereal bowl. Wait, Wait, what birds, whos dead,what cereal.The goldfishswims happily.Now it is flipped over,begging for water, as thecat approaches slowly. As the girlsheds a tear, the flower wilts.I see a goldfish floating in the hurricane. The time has come, revenge is due.I hate it when things come to an end.I get sad thinking about that cereal bowl. The fish is dead the sky is black.Now I can rest for the cat has found me.I wonder where I left my keys. How?
  4. 4. The ball came hard through the small zone. The bat came through to decide its fate. The game was done within an hour.The team was glad the other left sour