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McBride Poetry Anthology

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  • Ode to nature

    Mother she cares of the nature she bare

    ocean so bright From the glint of her light

    Trees so green From these we lean The source of life

    Yet we cut them with a knife Everything living Can be so giving

    So she saves what she can But some we overran

    Nature should be free But seems like we give a decree

  • Fun n games Jumping off walls

    Or playing with dolls The swing you can sore So we wouldn't bore Not easy to appease

    Some parents do it with ease The tree with our castles

    Kings and queens that are hassles Running, cartwheels, and hopping

    Kickball rough housing non-stopping Water balloons galore Never doing a chore Scraped and hurt

    Always loving the dirt In the end we would go to sleep Asking for water then not a peep

    next thing you know your getting old But those memories you'll always hold

    At heart you'll always be Young and as always free

  • Falling free

    Falling falling I am hauling

    Floating to the bottom Sinking to the top

    Falling without your decree It may be free

    Or make me want tea The last wave crashing

    No one lashing Octopi dancing

    Reindeer prancing So free

    wouldn't it be Elephants cart wheeling Mothers smart mealing

    Turtle so cunning Sloths running

    So free couldn't it be

  • See me My body is a shell

    to those who don't know me

    On the outside they see The little things I let free

    and sometimes thats not even me I am so shy so shield what's inside

    Through silence I try So no one can see

    who I can really be My pencils the only thing that

    gets the most out of me Through my drawings you see

    a sliver set free By the real part you want of me

    The longer you spend knocking on my shell

    You start to see the things I do let free

  • No light

    you think you're so bright

    But you don't see the light

    Of all of the might

    So dim is your sight

    That you cant see the light

    You say you have height

    But you're not contrite

    So nave is your dim sight

    That you cant see true light

  • Beauty of things

    Drawing through me Is everything I see These I am free

    Its what I like to be To get lost in the will

    Cards to not deal The mind is so loud

    Like dancing on a cloud A vibrant escape

    As fun as duct tape You see drawings

    I see drawer wings Its what's in me

    Things you cant see