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Travel Lochlann’s Poetry Anthology 8D St. Rose 2014 Haiku Repetition Concrete Narrative Sonnet

Lochlann's Poetry Anthology

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Awesome. End of story. Written by: BinkieMcfartnuggets

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  • Travel Lochlanns Poetry Anthology 8D St. Rose 2014 Haiku

    Repetition Concrete

    Narrative Sonnet

  • Table of Contents

    Poem about a place---2Venice Life metaphor----------3Train station Narrative ---------------4Returning Color imagery----------5Blue Acrostic-----------------6Plane Toilets Concrete----------------7Ferry Sonnet------------------8Stuck Limerick----------------9Lost Bag Haiku--------------------10Holiday Pic. Noun poem-------------11Packing Free verse--------------11One word

  • Venice You see the water all around you Liquid roads for wheel-less cars cutting through the murky green Water winding, curving onwards, like blood in veins Narrow, ancient, crumbling, the buildings with wrinkled skin The sun is high, yet everything is shadowed Market, alley, church, and square veiled in darkness You hear boats sailing slowly, crisply cutting through the water People swiftly moving through the alleyways The buildings, falling over the centuries But if you listen, and not just hear, in the dead of night when all is quiet, You can hear the city move, because it is alive You smell the salt of the water You smell the markets, food galore But you smell the history, smells trapped in the stone and mortar From hundreds of years ago The taste of salt fills your throat And the humid air, cools your mouth You feel the water splash on our necks, from boats meandering by You feel the warm air on your skin And the sun shines down on you And you feel it sway beneath your feet Moving, swinging, living And you think your going to like it here Because nowhere is the same No city feels alive this way How hard it shall be to end you stay And you think to yourself, I don't want to go Because you are in Venice

  • Train Station Life is a train station You have choices and decisions Of where you want to go To get on any train you want to Or sit back and enjoy the show You can get on a train And travel somewhere new Get off at another station Unfamiliar to you You can share your carriage With friends and strangers alike Or keep it to yourself Either one is all right But will you be a passenger Or drive the train yourself Let life go on and flow with it Or live with no regard for your safety or your health Some travel with a purpose While others fly more free And some stay in the station Which traveller will you be? Some stay in the station And watch the world go by They will say theyre patient Some say theyre wasting time This is life, choice after choice Seeing the things you want to see Wishing your journey would never end But that's never going to be Tickets expire, trains break down All journeys must stop, the end of the line Make the most of your life Everyone is running out of time So what do I mean when I say life is a train station? Your life, your adventure waiting on one simple decision The whole point of a train station Is whether or not you choose to get on

  • Returning My hands deftly pulled the keys from deep in the bag Keys I had not needed in six weeks They jingled slightly as I moved them towards the lock A lock that I had not moved in six weeks I slid the first key into the upper lock It was silent compared to normal summer bustle in the neighborhood I slowly twisted, pushing against the stiff bolt It slowly retracted with a clack from its hole and back into the door I did the same for the handle lock I did it slowly and deliberately I was in no hurry I knew exactly what would be inside I stood in front of the deep green door A dog barked in the distance, children laughed They were enjoying the final weeks of summer Something else was coming to a close for me too I push the door It slides mutely open It softly rebounds off the nearby wall, sending out an eerie echo I step inside The same, familiar smell washes over me The house is warm, like muffins that have been out of the oven for a while But it is not full of life Because there has been no one home for a very long time

  • Blue Blue is everywhere It is old in the rooftops of Santorini It is new in the eyes of an infant It is harsh in the sea and calm in the sky It is light in the ice of the frozen north and dark in the rivers of the rainforest It is fast in the falls and slow in the streams Blue is everywhere Old and new and dark and light Wherever you go Blue will be there too

  • Ferry

  • Stuck Tic tock goes the clock and I am stuck home Home is a prison, a jail cell for me I love my home, but Im stuck in the dome But its still a prison, cause Im not free Day after day, nothing will ever change A road will get repaved, dogs will be lost I wont see anything that's new or strange I cant travel; Im stuck from sun to frost But am I really stuck, or am I blind I cant move in space, but I can in time Were always growing, changing in our minds Were always growing up, but you must climb I may not be able to sight see But Im free to be who I want to be

  • Lost Bag There once was a suitcase belonging to me Destined to fly from New York to Miami I got on the plane But the bag got on the wrong lane And ended up in Delhi

  • Holiday Pictures

    Always snapping pics See the world through the lens

    Never look at them

  • Baggage

    Baggage Irritating, difficult Squishing, grunting


  • One word Ive been looking for a word. Big and complex and beautiful and sad. Its on the tip of my tongue, I can taste it, its so close But I cant find it I was looking, but I was not seeing It was in front, behind, beside, all around me It had to be gone before I realized what it was How it is a short flash, and then dims again Its awake, its moving its free, its in you and me Its everyone, everything We are all big and complex and beautiful and sad Because we are alive Life is big, but never large enough We are all fish in this ocean We travel far and wide And we sometimes get lost, but we always get home again Being alive is never easy Choices are never simple There is never a right choice And that makes so much more special Its beautiful because its unique No one has it the same Every road is different We all have different stories But people will say that life is not sad Theyre right, but its sad when it ends Its like breath on a mirror, gone in an instant Enjoy it when its here, and remember it when its gone Alive