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  • 1. Does Standardized Testing Predict the Quality of MBA Students?
    BY Quentin Logan
    James Juice
    MBA 512: Business Research and Designs Methods

2. Background Information
There is much debate in the education realm as to whether standardized tests can predict the quality or success of a student
We found an article that looked at Graduate Tests (GMAT) and it found that the GMAT is a good predictor of the quality of students
GMAT and GREs are the official standardized tests that are accepted by MBA programs in the state of Pennsylvania.
3. Background Information
Over 4,000 schools nationwide use these test for admissions
GMAT- Graduate Management Admission Test
GRE- Graduate Records Examination
GMATs are more widely accepted for admissions into Business School.
GRE are more widely accepted for admission into Graduate programs and often have subject tests associated with them (i.e. Psychology)
GRE = $140
GMAT = $250
4. Background Information
Scoring well on standardized test can boost a below average GPA when applying for admission into an MBA program
There are concerns of the validity of these standardized tests
Most schools say that standardized test along with undergraduate GPAs are good predictors of the quality of future students
5. Important factors to consider in our research
GRE and/or GMAT required
Average Undergraduate GPA
Average Graduate GPA
Full to Part-time ratios
Average Test Scores required for admission
Quality of Students

  • Research Question

7. Does taking standardized tests improve or predict the quality of current and graduate MBA students? 8. Research Hypothesis 9. Competition between GRE and GMAT continues to thrive in the Graduate Business schools. We believe that although there is much debate about the validity of these Standardized tests, those who take them and are enrolled in institutions that require them, are better quality students and the overall learning experience is superiorResearch Question
10. Major Questions
What are facultys perception of the GRE and GMAT?
Does requiring a test score impact the quality of students?
Should Wilkes University require the GRE or GMAT for admission into the MBA program?
11. Our Survey
12. Target Audience
Our target audience was faculty of MBA programs in Pennsylvania.
We chose Faculty because be believe that they have the best insight into quality of students
Graduate Students might be bias
We sent out e-mails to 42 universities in PA which have MBA programs
Our original goal was to find one or two e-mail addresses from these schools and ask those recipients to forward it
Revised Goal = 10 names from each institution (420 faculty)
13. Survey
We hoped to get at least 50 respondents to our short, quick and easy survey
Survey administered via email with a link attached
Our survey was hosted on Google Documents
Original goal was 420. We sent out close to 1,200 emails with our survey link included
Response rate was very low (28)
Approx. 2.3% response rate
14. Sources of Error
Our link via email
Spam Filters
Faculty members unclear about directions
15. Survey Questions

  • Multiple Choice

16. What is your gender? 17. Is the GRE or GMAT required at your institution? 18. What is the average GPA of a incoming student? 19. Have you always required the GMAT or GRE 20. Scale 21. Standardized tests are a good indicator of student quality? 22. Standardized tests are a good indicator of student success? 23. Potential income is directly related to performance on standardized tests?