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  • 1. My Presentation On the turbulent Tudors. By Matt Greenwood

2. Henry the 8th and his wives Henry had 6 wives. He beheaded 2,one survived and the others died.The names of Henry The 8 thwives were: Anne Boleyn,Katherine Parr,Katherine Howard,Catherine of Aragon,Anne of Cleves and Jane Seymour. 3. The Six Wives Song Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived!! 4. Anne Boleyns parents thought that she wasnt very important. She lived at Hever Castle with her parents. She had a very small room. Her dad hated her. Henry the VIII really wanted to marry her, but she said NO because he was married. So Henry built a new church called The Church Of England and got a divorce. Anne Boleyn 5. Tudor Buildings Tudor buildings are very different to our houses we live in. There are a lot still around!!! 6. Tudor Crime And Punishment The Tudor law was hard, but fair because they thought that if you murdered someone, you would pay for your life as well. Some other things you might get were, Dunking,locked in the stocks, Beheading and Hung from a piece of string until you couldnt breath any longer. 7. How The Crimes Were DifferEnt To our crimes today The Tudors couldnt steal a car then because they didnt have cars in that day then they would have stolen a loaf of bread!!! 8. Tudor cures and medicine Tudor cures were different to the ones they had today. If you had a cough you would put butter on a spiders then eat the spiders. If you had a black limb the doctor would get you drunk on whisky, then cut off your limb, then quickly tie something around the cut off limb so you wouldnt bleed to death. You wouldnt feel a thing if you were drunk. 9. William Shakespeare William Shakespeare was a famous play writer in Tudor Times. Lots of his plays were performed at the Globe Theatre in London.