Harriet The Tudors

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  • 1. TheTudors

2. WARNING ! ITS THE WIFES divorced beheaded died divorced beheaded Survived Catherine of Aragon Anne Boleyn Jane Seymour Anne of Cleaves Katharine Hard Katharine Parr 3. Tudor Houses

  • Tudor houses were a lot different to our houses
  • Poor peoples houses were made out of wattle and dumb
  • Rich nobles houses were made out of brick,wood or stone.

4. Crime and PUNISHMENT! STEALLING A LOAF OF BREAD A WITCH RICH PESON WHO MURED POOR PERSON WHO MURED DIDNT WEAR A HAT ON SUNDAY whipping hanging behaeding stocks dunking 5. TUDOR MEDICINES Tudor medicines were mostly made out of herbs .Some of the Tudor thought that if you had a head ach you needed to put a hanging rope on your head. And because there was no anaesthetic if your leg was bad you got drunk then they would cut it of.