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Presentation about the Tudors by Lizzy aged 8

Text of About the Tudors

  • 1. THETUDORS By lizzy peniket

2. THE TUDORS The Tudors were a era that went all the way from Henry 7th toElizabeth 1st . 3. HENRY 7THHenry 7th started a war called the war of the roses against Richard the3RD . Guess what he won. He became the first Tudor king. 4. HENRY 8 THHenry the 8th was hoping for a boyto rule the country never mindhow many wives he had he had. 5. EDWARD THE 6 TH Edward the6th was to young to rule so a man had to help him hedied young 6. MARY 1 ST Mary was a cathelic she burned protestants for fun. 7. ELIZABETH 1ST Liz was last bye bye tudors