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The Linux Professional Institute Certification (LPIC) program is designed to certify the competency of IT professionals using the Linux operating system and its associated tools. It is designed to be distribution neutral, following the Linux Standard Base and other relevant standards and conventions. Anova has been certified as the only LPI Approved Training Partner in Egypt. The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is a vendor-independent non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the professional use of Linux. One aspect of the LPI’s work concerns the creation and delivery of distribution-independent certification exams, for example for Linux professionals. These exams are available world-wide and enjoy considerable respect among Linux professionals and employers.

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● What's LPI?● Why LPI Certification?● Certification Program● Partnership● Recertifacation

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LPI Inc.

● A non-profit organization ● Founded at 1999 in Canada ● Operational offices in Canada and USA● +25 Affiliates around the world.● Community of companies, IT professionals, training

organizations and volunteers.● Recognized worldwide as the premier organization

advocating and assisting in the professional use of Linux, Open Source, and Free Software.

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The only in Egypt.

Page 5: LPI Certification

Affiliates around the world.

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LPI By the Numbers...

● +350,000 Total Exams Given● +125,000 LPI Certified Professionals● +25 Master Affiliate Country Offices● +350 Global Training Partners● 7 Languages● +60 Global Annual Events

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Why LPI Certification?

Page 8: LPI Certification

Learning doesn't start because leak in demand

Employers don't start because leak in supply

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● Low cost exam delivery● Global certification delivery● Distribution-neutral● Vendor-neutral

Page 10: LPI Certification

From professional point of view:

● Show your value through certifications● Market yourself by getting certified● Stay up-to-date with certifications● Enhance your productivity.

Page 11: LPI Certification

From IT providers point of view:

● Accelerate corporate adoption of Linux● Counter the "no-support" argument● Recruit new Linux users● Enhance marketing

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From business point of view:

● Enhance the IT team‘s productivity,

● Reduce IT-related downtime,

● Simplify the process of hiring IT professionals.

● Improve the quality of services.

● Rise of business revenue and a rise of profit.

● Enhance the Quality Management.

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Certification Programme

Page 14: LPI Certification

LPI Linux Essentials

An innovative "first-of-its-kind" program for the academic sector, youth and others new to the world of Linux and Open Source technology.

Page 15: LPI Certification

LPI Linux Essentials

Linux Essentials covers the following subject areas:● The Linux community and a career in

open source● Finding your way on a Linux system● The power of the command line● The Linux operating system● Security and file permissions

Page 16: LPI Certification

3 certification levels


Junior Level Linux Professional


Advanced Level Linux Professional


Senior Level Linux Professional

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✔ No prerequisites

✔ Exams 101 + 102

✔ Linux command line

✔ Easy maintenance tasks

✔ Help out users, add users to a larger system, backup & restore, shutdown & reboot

Page 18: LPI Certification


✔ Prerequisite LPIC-1

✔ Exams 201 + 202

✔ Administer a medium-sized site

✔ Managing a small mixed network

✔ Supervising assistants

✔ Advising automation/purchases

Page 19: LPI Certification

LPIC-3 Core

✔ Prerequisite LPIC-1 + LPIC-2

✔ Exam 301

✔ Experience

→ enterprise, scripting, integration

✔ Advanced Linux administration

✔ Capacity planning + resource problems troubleshooting

✔ Plan, design, build and implement + capacity planning and security of services

Page 20: LPI Certification

LPIC-3 Specialty

✔ Specialty certification

✔ Prerequisite LPIC-1 + LPIC-2 + LPIC-3 Core

✔ LPI 302 - 304 exams

✔ on top of LPIC-3 Core

→ Mixed Environment

→ Security

→ High Availability

→ Virtualization


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Navigate the best route to a globally recognized IT certification

Page 22: LPI Certification

Partnership Programs

Page 23: LPI Certification

SUSE Certification Partnership

Linux professionals who have earned their LPIC-1 status will also have satisfied the requirements for the SUSE Certified Linux Administrator (CLA) certification.

Page 24: LPI Certification

CompTIA Partnership

● IT professionals who earn "CompTIA Linux+ powered by LPI" are eligible to apply for and receive their LPIC-1 certification.

● This enables progressing along the LPI certification track to LPIC-2 and LPIC-3.

● Eligible to receive Novell Certified Linux Administrator Certification.

● "3-in-1 Linux certification"

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● exams + certifications have a

5 year active status● recertification recommended

after 2 years● recertification required after

5 years● only exams for highest

earned certification

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● When a higher level certification designation is earned, the status of all lower level designations are considered ACTIVE for FIVE years from the date of the higher level certification designation.

Page 28: LPI Certification

+350,000 Exams Administered

+125,000 Certified Professionals

Participate in one of the World's Strongest Linux Communities and enhance your Career!

Get Serious. Get a Job. Get Promoted.

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Let's Cooperate

Get Certified

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