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Kidulthood Research

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Masthead Of The Title:

Also used to introduce the film which is put in the beginning to make the film name be the first thing the audience see which then makes it easy to know what to look for in the cinema.

Uses plain colours to go with theme of urban cultural because the lack of colour may foreshadow a bleak ending which may help put the audience in a mood which this trailer is trying to show.

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Quick, Still Cuts of all the Characters:

In an order of importance. This hierarchy lay out makes it easy for the audience to identify who has the major and who does which makes its easy for the audience to know who to watch for.

Each shot shows the personality of the character which makes the audience know what to expect from these characters when they watch the film. Also it draws out the different themes the film contains.

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Establishing Shot:

The first establishing shot is used to show beauty and goodness of London then the next shot shows the contrast of London as it does its dark side. This done because beauty and light connotes purity which suggest London is a good place but Trevor is shown with dark colour which connotes to bad and suggest with Trevor follows trouble which foreshadows his death, which then makes it easy for the audience to identify what to expect from him

Also the establishing shots allows the audience to know where the film is set so they know what kind of culture.

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Moving Shots of the action parts of the movie

Shows scene of the movies which show how the characters behave because it allows the audience to know what to expect without giving too much away, this would push the audience to watch the film in more.

Shows the involvement of drugs and weapons, which are used by black teenagers, which supports the stereotypes because this is what the audience expect.

Used to speed up the pace because it makes it more interesting.

Also used as a surprised element because it was unexpected.

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Shows the name of the film to remind the audience the name of the film and leaves a lasting impression which is similar to what they done in the beginning

This shows the film has sub-genres. Which shows the audience its more interesting than it seems. Also makes it more realistic because it shows the world is not just 1 dystopia

The Intertitles are used to slow down the pace because various speeds make it more interesting.