ISTE 2012: An Unforgettable Experience!!

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  • 1. Cathy Oxley Brisbane Grammar School

2. 3. WHAT ISISTE? 4. International SocietyProfessional Advocacy forLearning ChangeKnowledgeLeadership &GenerationInnovation 5. Members ResourcesConferences ISTE ISTE has ISTE hasrepresentsproducedrun amore than hundreds of conference100,000 books and for 33teachers, resources consecutiveleaders and to supportyears, sinceadvocates learningit wasworldwide.withcalledtechnology. NECC. 6. ACARAAITSL 7. 8. 9. must align All to oneCONFERENCE SESSIONS of the NETS 10. 33consecutive years 11. WHAT WASISTE2012? 12. Annual Conference and Trade FairThe worlds premier ed-tech event5 days of professional learning, collaboration andbest new technologies for the classroom 13. Nearly20,000 delegates representing 60 countries including 200 AustraliansAt least 28,000 nightsof accommodationbooked in San Diego hotels 14. ConferenceDemographics 15. San Diego ConferenceThemesStrandsTechnologySchool Improvement Infrastructure Professional Digital Age Teaching Learning& Learning Virtual Schoolinge-Learning 16. 700400 135Lecture, panel,BYOD,model lesson,researchpaper, poster,studentshowcaseBirds of a Informal &Feather SIGs interactive Hands-onConcurrentLearningSessionsWorkshopsActivities& Seminars 17. 500exhibiting companies and organisations 18. MAJORTRENDSaccording to a cross-sample of Australian delegates 19. 20. Will Richardson ISTE Ignite Slide 170 Video 21. Collaboration 22. Lisa Heavener, DeforestACTION; Chris Gauthier, ScienceTeacher; Dr Willie Smits, Wildlife Campaigner 23. 24. 25. 26. BYOD & iPads 27. Creativity 28. Studentspresenting at ISTE 29. Passion-Based Learning 30. Pedagogy 31. 32. Global, Directive and Entrepreneurial: Defining High-Quality EducationYong Zhao is one of theleading counterintuitivethinkers about the GlobalAchievement Gap.He talks about Americasgreat prosperity despite itslow education rankings oninternational tests anddebunks the currentcorporate style ed reforms,then ends right where thereformers are aiming. If youhave the time to watch, youwill be deeply informed the global keynote-yong-zhao/ (begins at 23m20s)achievement gap. 33. BENEFITS OF BEING THERE 34. 35. But will you make time?Be energised and re-invigoratedMeet your PLN face-to-faceHave an unforgettable experience!