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A digital brouchure with information about Delta Amacuro State and its tourism

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    Also known as Delta del Orinoco (Orinocos Delta) is a fascinating state where history, nature and culture

    combines to take you into an unique scenary in the

    world, a Paradise surrounded by a wide labyrinth of

    rivers that lead the water of the Orinoco river till the

    Atlantic Ocean and interconnects inside the tropical


    Come, enjoy and meet a little piece of our beautiful

    country; Venezuela.


    In Deltas history we can find independence traces: there are testimonial of a legendary past

    in this fabulous region, countless witnesses of

    singular fights and exciting episodes that took

    place during the conquest.


    a wide variety of habitats can be found in the Orinoco

    Delta: terrestrials and river. Mix tropical forests where

    predominates immense palm trees that prevails over

    most part of firm land with a wide flora including fruit

    trees, orchids and ferns. Swamps outburst of aquatic

    plants and the estuaries that lead to the ocean are

    covered by mangroves,

    Deltas animal life has a extreme variety, among them: jaguars, pumas, ocelots, cappuccino and squealing

    monkeys, limpits guinea pigs, manatees and dolphins

    are only a few of the species among the countless of

    mammals that can be observed on its natural habitat.

    Among the extensive population of birds there macaws,

    parakeets, toucans, herons, eagles and colibris, there

    also are a great variety of amphibious, reptiles and

    fishes, including anacondas, boas, snakes, iguanas,

    turtles, piranhas, rays and catfishes.


    the touristic potential is represented basically by the natural scenarios of the state,

    being the most attractive the Deltas system itself with its singular geomorphologic characteristics, aside the cultural values of its natives like gastronomy and


    Among the architectonic touristic attractions, we can find:

    Iglesia San Jos (San Joses Church)

    Parque Nacional Mariusa (Mariusas National Park)

    Castillos de Guayana (Guayana Castles) San Francisco de Ass and San Diego de Alcal.

    Catedral Divina Pastora (Divina Pastoras Cathedral)

    Plaza Bolivar (Bolivar Square)

    Paseo Malecn Manamo (Manamo Walk)

    Iglesia San Jos/San Jos Church

    Paseo Manamo/Manamo Walk

    Castillos de Guayana/ Guayanas Castles

    Catedral Divina

    Pastora/ Divina

    Pastoras Cathedral


    The Warao indians and sometimes the creoles, creates hammocks, espadrilles, they

    also create beautiful baskets made of different fibers like moriche, tirite among

    others, expressing through them their cultural creativity and inner abilities. they

    fabricate mini copies of their very own palafitos, including the implements they use to

    cook, sleep, hunt and fishing.


    Delta Amacuro state own a very wide gastronomy that mixes the creole with the Warao

    gastronomy. Among the plates it can be found the Guaraguara en Coco (fish soaked in

    coconut) fish sancocho (boiled fish) Hens sancocho (boiled hen) turtles cuajado, fried Lau Lau and on stew, domplina, arepa, yuruma (a powder made of moriche palm

    tree) Casabe among others.


    In this marvelous state we can appreciate constructions of a colonial type that constitutes

    a great tourist attraction, among them it can be found the religious temples like the Iglesia

    San Jose (San Jose Church) Catedral Divina Pastora (Divina Pastora Cathedral) and the

    monuments of San Jose and Virgen del Valle.

  • Food and Bevearages Services

    El rey de las sopas Tlf.: 0287-4002212

    Inv. El Manguito Tlf. 0416-2990118

    Inv. Laredo Grill Tlf.: 0414-879971

    La esquina del sabor Tlf.: 0414-8788315

    Rest. China Town Tlf. 0287-7215077

    Rest. Hong Kong Tlf. 0414-8638225

    Rest- El Colibr Tlf. 0416-5868509

    Bar Rest. Capri Tlf. 0287-8083338

    Rest. El Rincn de Pedro Tlf. 0287-7211281

    Rest, El Tpico Tlf. 0287-7212281

    Rest. Mi Tasca Tlf. 0287-7211645

    Asoc. Cooperativa Laguna

    Country RL

    Tlf. 0287 - 4149669

    Asoc. Coop. Conelma Tlf. 0287-4905558

    Cristo es el camino Tlf. 0287-4905346

    Proy. Tur. Valle Encantado Tlf. 0287-7214142

    Bar Rest, Mi sueo Tlf. 0287-8085386

    Rest. La Negra Eucaris Tlf. 0287-4904632

  • Food and Bevearages Services

    Rest. Pequea Venecia Tlf. 0287-8085386

    Rest. Beijing Tlf. 0287-4847071

    El Jardn de Edn Tlf. 0287-4905558

    Self Service Tropic Delta Tlf. 0287-8080292

    Tasca Rest. El Canton Tlf. 0416-4908772

    Asoc. Coop. La Exquisita Tlf. 0414-8833664

    Rest. Hotel Pequea Venecia

    Rest. Hotel Disco Saxxi


    Municipio Tucupita/Tucupita Municipality

    Hotel Sweet House Tlf. 0287-4146841

    Hotel Residencial Tlf. 0287-7212069

    Hotel Tasca La Riviera Tlf. 0287-7210777

    Hotel Saxxi Disco Tlf. 0287-7212112

    Hotel Bar Rest. Pequea


    Tlf. 0287-8083295

    Posada Turstica Los


    Tlf. 0287-4154615

    Posada Turstica Oasis Tlf. 0287-7211871

    Residencia San Cristbal Tlf. 0287-7214529

    Residencia El Pinar Tlf. 0424-9028309

    Hospedaje La Flaca Tlf. 0287-7216283

    Hotel Marivir Suite Tlf. 0287-4902600


    Municipio Casacoima/Casacoima


    Campamento Oridelta Tlf. 0414-8682121

    Asoc. Coop. La Montaa Tlf. 0414-7729928

    Hotel Mila C.A Tlf. 0287-4900703

    Residencia El Triunfo Tlf. 6986114

    El Rincon de Morales 0424-9553115

    Municipio Antonio Daz/ Antonio Diaz


    Hotel Rest. Parador Tur. La


    Tlf. S/N

    Campamento Maraisa Tlf: 0414-8682121




    Posada la Montaa/La Montaa Inn


    Oridelta/Oridelta Camp


    Municipio Pedernales/Pedernales Municipality

    Asoc. Coop. Jess Lo Puede


    Tlf. 0416-5937983

    Campamento Orinoco Delta L Tlf. 0414-8790094

    Campamento Abujene Tours Tlf. 0416-2876964

    Campamento Mis Palafitos Tlf. 0287-4142700

    Campamento Delta Service Tlf. 0287-7215166

    Posada Jess Lo Puede

    todo/Jesus lo puede todo Inn

    Campamento Abujene/Abujene Camp

    Campamento Mis

    Palafitos/Mis Palafitos


  • In Case of Emergency

    Guardia Nacional Tlf. 0287-7212333

    Destacamento Apoyo Areo Tlf. 0287-4147773

    Polica del estado Tlf. 0287-4148597

    Cuerpo de Bombero Tlf. 0287-7211427/2457

    Transito Terrestre Tlf. 0287-7212876/8084475

    DISIP Tlf. 0287-7213313/

    C.I.C.P.C Tlf. 0287-7213160

    Polica Municipal Tlf. 0287-8084569

    FAID 171 Tlf. 0414-8830508/0416-


    Proteccin Civil Tlf. 0414-8799799/

    Prevencin al Delito ONA Tlf. 0287-4147419

    Hospital Dr. Luis Razetti Tlf. 0287-7213594

    CORTUDELTA Tlf. 0416-


    Fondo de Turismo Tlf. 0426-9970682

    SENIAT Tlf. 0287-7212593

    CORPOELEC Tlf. 0287-7213019

  • CORTUDELTA is the rector agent of

    tourism in Delta Amacuro state and has

    as mission to plan, coordinate, control

    and evaluate the strategies, plans and

    actions toward the development of

    Deltas touristic activity


    Twitter: @CORTUDELTA

    Facebook: Corporacin de Turismo del

    estado Delta Amacuro


    Address: Av. Arismendi next to Maria N.

    Herrera de Cotua Pre school. Tucupita, Delta

    Amacuro state, Venezuela.

    Tlf. 04148790212/0416-