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iPod Touch Background Research

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The research support and goals for our iPod Touch Pilot in math and science

Text of iPod Touch Background Research

  • 1. Good Morning! iPod Touch for Math & ScienceSession #1somsd

2. A New Adventure For K-5 MathPhase 1: Professional LearningPhase 2: Program DevelopmentPhase 3: Implementation(Staff Development Day September 3, 2010) 3. 2010-2011 AdventureFor K-5 MathPhase 1: Professional LearningResearch: National Math Advisory PanelCommon Core Standards for MathAvailable Math ProgramsWays to Target Student Needs NOW (Staff Development Day September 3, 2010) 4. IMI Building-Based TrainingsNovember 9: TuscanNovember 16: Clinton November 30: Jefferson December 7: South MountainDecember 21: Seth BoydenJanuary 4: Marshall 5. 2010 6. SchmidtandHouang,2002 7. Assessment Iden-fyskillneedsandmastery TasksSelecttasksthattargetstudentneedsMonitorMeasurestudentprogress 8. MonitoringProblemSkill SolvingIndividualizedGames TasksIndependent SmallGroup LearningTasks Instruc-on 9. Phase 1: Professional LearningWe can use iPod Touches toSupport students mastery of numeracy, facts,computation, geometry, and measurement tasks.(National Math Panel Report and Common Core State Standards)Target student needs. Provide fact practice. Helpstudents connect their effort to progress. (NationalMath Panel and Response to Intervention Reports) Enhance our professional knowledge of math (andscience) programs, pedagogy, research, resources,and movements. 10. DiscussionAlignment with standards and following a districtscope & sequence help us ensure equitableinstruction and access for all students.What is the value of individualizing some mathinstruction?