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A presentation given regarding the use of iPod Touch and iPhone in Higher Education. Visit for more information.

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  • 1. iPhone/iPod Touch what weve learned so far...
  • 2. History iPhone released June 29, 2007, with AT&T as exclusive carrier iPod Touch released September 5, 2007, with the same operating system Operate with both Windows and Mac
  • 3. iPod/iPhone OS Why mention the Operating System? Built on OSX Regular Updates with new features
  • 4. The Technology
  • 5. The Technology
  • 6. The Technology
  • 7. The Technology
  • 8. The Technology
  • 9. The Technology
  • 10. The Technology
  • 11. The Technology
  • 12. The Technology
  • 13. ConnectEd Summit 400+ attendees, 65 colleges and universities, 29 K-12 schools Several keynotes (all) and tracks (breakout) were offered: Teaching: Pedagogy & Praxis (Micah) Teaching: Podcasting & Mobile Media (Craig) Research, Assessments & Methodology Web & SDK Programming Institutional Leadership Logistics & Deployment Infrastructure & Networking Handheld Learning in the K-12 Classroom
  • 14. What We Learned A variety of disciplines were present The hard questions are being asked (Is this a fad? What problems do you have in class? What is the purpose of mobile tech in the classroom?) 400 iPods and iPhones take down a wireless network pretty fast Apple is committed to iPhone/Touch in the education sector
  • 15. ConnectEd Summit Eric Mazur
  • 16. Classroom Use As a clicker - a student response system Mobile access to course content (Blackboard/LMS) Search during discussions (Pubsearch) Podcasts Calculator/Unit Conversion Flashcard utilities Language learning
  • 17. Classroom Use What year was Northwest College founded? 1.1935 2.1942 3.1946 4.1953
  • 18. Pilot Study 25 iPod Touch units for Fall 09 (10 to AECL 1000, 15 to PHTO 2710 & 2720) Have already learned the necessity of additional wireless networking needs (WAC controller) Feedback is really important - understanding the student reaction, faculty workload, IT staff
  • 19. Future Use? Other areas that might make use of iPhone/Touch technology: Nursing (anatomy, medical records) Music (multi-track recording, phone instruments) Art courses Chemistry (interactive periodic tables, molecular structures) Elementary Education (a host of math and language apps) Biology (
  • 20. Future Use?