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1. M Jonathan Ketdmell LO_i, !L; L.l'Hstry Timelines lilJll"| li' l| i.~liEllilEI in . -l 7 . ~". l]il[]El~iS [ll llllE"; lilDSince Antiquity,many new Wonders of the World lists have been made up.Humans have built some remarkable structures and there are a lot of amazing things to learn more about! Click on Copy the timeline (feature coming soon) and fill it out below.Some links are provided,but at other times you will have to search for answers on the Internet. 2. llSiilYHstry| 'imelin es(Wikimedia)AxbThe Axis grew out of the Anti-Comimern Pact signed by Germany and japan in 1936. Italy joined the Pact in 1937.All three leders ofthe Axis states are present on thisJapanese propaganda postcard.Can you name the three loaders? iigiihttpsd/ www. youtu be-nocookie. corn/ em bed/ WqNY88Ar The carefully planned Japanese assualt led to considerable destruction and led to the loss of 2,403 lives. Jonathan Ketchell Lugnuillllll UUESIIONDid you know? W image if.MultiplechoiceVideo .Matching 1)) Audio Heading El ForumI . Hirohito in dress uniform.Unknown author..935(Library of Congress)What was the name of thejapanese Emperor during 3. f '4 V?Jonathan Ketch: -II Hsti-yTimeiines _ 1 - Handwriting speed".The a w 31 words per ii'iiiiU[E' (i v 1 *;Using stenography (aim _ .H T-.methods.rhis rate increai V .I,_pl'; i", q-'14 "i * - ':2-. ~. ' 0 Typing speed Before irei . _, I A ___, _ ._ ,[; _/ I,' ; _ M: '. .J as spell checker and autoV ,. ' .if = !&. ~/4 II;*. *8 33 wpm_ A professional I ' ' " " ii; V v above 120 wpm.Vi? 4. PAUl HEVEHPS MIDNIGHT HIDEjust past 10 crclodi at night.Making my way to the Nonh .part of Town where a boat awaits me.i must lay low. ...My mission is of capital importance.i must reach amuoluams and Jim Hansndi in Lexington before "- "' '-*--s arrive.As ieaders oi the movement. SAMUEL ADAMS ""Samuel Adams (1722-1803) was an American statesman,pohricai lh| nke. '_ u m M and one of the Founding Fathers of theUn-ted States.As a politian in colonial nu pan;1 Massachusetts.he was instrumental in gu Q:in ~ organizing and moving the masses (awards his idea 0! In it g u n independenize.d the Oi! !! CHI!act DI Gulls It II wail n dnllud-ado flcciriiwneukhtwv Cuuri.0|!iirhm I In Iii!iul Inuit;Q in!our II have than as human may van cnnlnth mar Hind. Donor Warren was British make their m; h I must go see my friend so he lights lanterns.i tell him,as the British are A sigh of relief as I see rriy two friends in the boar wailing .for me.Liyits icker on the British warship in me 5. Hstry TimeiinesUUIZ UUESTIUN IIIIKII OWE {Ill Il0.V.10A| lllJ IIVB,HTNIITMI,PSI. This is an image above of the Manongaheia river in Pittsburgh,PA in 1857. What word best describes the landscape? Rural Industrial AgriculturalDill YOU KNOW? Beginnings of the Industrial RevolutionThe Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain in the 1Ifle and ea-u-nad O-n llnrOn-rn Ciirnnn and than I| a-nit. -uljonathan Ketchell LogoutContrary to the southern states,the northern ones were undergoing industrialization.Industrialization is the process of developing industries where things are made in factories and workshops.Technological innovations through machines made production faster,needing fewer workers.industrial RevolutionThe most important innovation was the steam engine.in 1763, Scotsmanjames Watt invented the rst reliable steam engine,and this was central to the Industrial Revolution.It replaced animal and human power byrnarhnnirzl nnuunr and tr: n