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  • 1. Creating my double page spreadKerrang example:

2. I created a double page document inInDesign and placed and fitted the image Iwanted to use as my central image so that itfilled the first of the two pages, like theKerrang example. 3. I then used a completely different font to theothers I had used for the header so that itstood out and made sure it covered the firstpage and part of the second. 4. I used a drop capital at thestart of my article to make apoint that that was where itstarted and to draw thereaders attention to thebody copy.I used a small font to add pagenumbers, alongside the name of themagazine which Kerrang also did. 5. I added the body copy in columnson the second page, incorporatingthe interview into the text ratherthan a Q and A format. This I feltwas more sophisticated andappealed to older teenagers. I alsoadded the pull quote, keeping thecolour purple from the contentspage. The pull quote is one of thefirst things noticed after theheader and should draw thereaders attention to wanting toread on and find out the full story. 6. I then opened another image from thesame photoshoot to use as a graphicfeature, in Firework so that I couldcrop it to make it the right size and cutout any unnecessary background. 7. I placed the image in the top rightcorner of the second page.I also used a by-line, including thename of the writer of the articleas this creates more of aconnection between writers andreader and creates familiarity,leading to brand loyalty to theyare more likely to buy themagazine again. 8. I placed a black outline aroundthe graphic feature to make itstand out more and usedanchorage text as a caption for it.I also added the check it outflash giving information aboutthe bands music and socialnetworking contacts as my targetaudience would often use thesesites and would want to followthe band to find out moreinformation and keep up to date.