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  • 1. This is the image I have chosen to use on my magazinecover. I will remove the background and sharpen theimage in order to make it look more professional andstand out better.Here I have removed the background of the image usingthe magic wand tool, this will make the photo stand outbetter on the magazine cover and allow me to fill thebackground an appropriate colour.This is an image that I plan to use on the double pagespread of my magazine, in order to make the imagemore professional and vibrant I altered the brightnessand contrast slightly.

2. On this image I have altered the colour balanceand using the colour balance I have created a blackand white image.I have edited the image further by controllingsettings such as the contrast; this has improvedthe image by made the subject of the photo morepredominant.For one of my images I decided to test the filteroptions on Photoshop. I eventually chose thewatercolour filter because it looks unusual andstriking without making it look over edited.Finally for my last image I plan to use on thecontents page, I decided to use the magic wandtool to again remove the background of theimage, this way I can stretch and manipulate thesize of the image without it looking out ofproportion