How to deliver brilliant presentations

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  • 1. How to Deliver BrilliantPresentations

2. It Will Not Do The Job! Be sure to remember that presentations aremeant to compliment what youre talkingabout. Your presentation is an extension that makeswhat youre discussing easier to grasp and tograb your audiences attention. 3. Image Relevance! If youre going touse images, besure they arerelevant to thetopic. Be sure theimage is not toodistracting, oryou will loseyour audience. 4. Over Doing It When giving a presentation, do not makeit incredibly fancy. It will be distracting foryour audience! Avoid using hard to read text fonts and ifpossible avoid switching fonts repeatedly. Dont make your presentationsinformation shake or fly everywhere; it willbe a distracting and can be difficult tofollow. 5. Keep it Interesting Sneaking in elements that your audiencewill find entertaining is a wonderful wayto keep their attention! Avoid littering your presentation withwalls of small text, your audience willshut off and lose focus! 6. Slide Lengths Keep it short and sweet!**Unless youre not there to present it and fill in the blanks with your speaking role! 7. InspirationIf youre finding it difficult to find a unique way to present your topic, look at Technology, Entertainment, and Design(TED)TED is a website with brilliant professionals presenting revolutionary ideas and more! 8. Notesin my Presentation?! The goal of presentations is to aidyou in getting the message across. Make the bullets short and quick towrite so the audience can writerelevant notes. Key words are wonderful as theyallow your audience to recall thatsection you spoke of from a word ortwo. 9. I Made One, What Now? Once youve created a presentation, besure to review it for errors! Got it memorized? No? Well thenPRACTICE, PRACTICE,PRACTICE! 10. Where Did This Fabulous Stuff Come From?! My speech class! Teaching and Learning withTechnology: Fourth Edition