How to Deliver Group Presentations Effectively

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How to Deliver Group Presentations Effectively. By Eva Jay 13 April 2010. Overview. Key points for group presentations Effective presentations Eye contact Voice Timing Signposting . Key Points for Group Presentations. The order people will speak - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Deliver Your Group Presentation Effectively

How to Deliver Group Presentations EffectivelyBy Eva Jay

13 April 2010OverviewKey points for group presentationsEffective presentationsEye contactVoiceTimingSignposting

Key Points for Group PresentationsThe order people will speakIntroducing and concluding the presentationOverview of the entire presentationPassing smoothly from one speaker to another

Make eye contact Engage your audience through eye contactScan all of the audienceTry to make eye contact with almost everyone

Use your voiceEveryone should be able to hear youSpeak at the right speed - a little slower than everyday conversationUse your voice to emphasise important pointsShow that you're questioning an issue

Use timingPace your presentation Don't be afraid of using short pauses Avoid speaking too quicklyTime your practice presentationUse 'signposts' Use 'signposts' to Help the listener follow your ideas and identify different sections, Indicate key points, supporting ideas and less important information.

Using 'signposting'

Some useful signposting phrases:Good morning. My name is X, and this is my partner, Y. We are here today to talk aboutFirst, Im going to and then my partner will etc.Let me hand you over to my partner. Now Y will explain And now, Y will discuss.I think it's important to emphasise I'll move on now to Turning now to In conclusion To summarise

Draw attention to a point by addressing the audience You might be wondering aboutYou probably know thatWeve all heard about

Questions can highlight the beginning of a new section or an important pointWhy is so important?What causes ..?What are the results of?What solutions are there to these problems?