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Dominika története History of Dominika Magyarország- Hungary

History of Dominika

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  1. 1. Dominika trtnete History of Dominika Magyarorszg- Hungary
  2. 2. Hallssrlt gyerek desanyja s gygypedaggus vagyok I have a deaf daughter and I am a special education teacher
  3. 3. A diagnzis 7 hnapos korban Diagnosis at 7 months Csaldottsg- Disappontment Dh- Anger Hallkszlk ellts- Hearing aid provision J szakember szerepe- Role of an good specialist
  4. 4. Csodk, akupunktra- Wonders, acupuncture
  5. 5. Pedaggiai t- Pedagogical way Feladatok megoldsa- Solve the tasks Programok- Programmes Cselekvs, lmny kzben tants- Teaching during activity, experience
  6. 6. Fiskola-College But now I think, that not necessary this kind of great effort The good parents sometimes better than a good special educators.
  7. 7. Felkszlt gygypedaggus utaztanr Prepared special education-travelling teacher Meghallgatott- listened Tancsokat adott- gave advices Tantott- teached She was acceptor and emphatic It became a trustable connection beetween the parent and the special educator Mentorcsald- Mentor family Sorstrsak- peers , experience, failure, succesful, attention, practice
  8. 8. Implantci: 7 ves korban Implantation: at 7 years Mentorcsald- Mentor family, they knew the way yet
  9. 9. Official form for mentoring Szlklub- Parent club Egyedl a szlk- Parents alone Csalddal, segt felnttekkel- With families, helping adults
  10. 10. Dominika felntt- Dominika grew up Bartok, bartnk Friends, got graduation in high school Egyetem University she will be a medical infomatics Changing imagination about the deaf people
  11. 11. Gygypedaggusknt dolgozom, hallssrlt gyerekeket tantok I work as a special education teacher, I teach deaf children My experience that some parents want to give all responsibility to the school, to the teacher, but the parents is the most important. As I have a hearing impaired child maybe the parents accept my advices, and criticism better than criticis of other special educators Szlk s pedaggus kztti partneri viszony- Partnership between parents and teacher Bizalmi kapcsolat- Trust relationship, Egyms tisztelete- Respect each other
  12. 12. Szksgesnek tartom- I think it is needed It is very important that the special educator confirm the self-confidence of the parents that they can develop their hearing impaired children. And I can do it also with my own life example, because I have a hearing impaired child as I mentioned.
  13. 13. About the project This project gave many possibilitie to know experiences, ideas of others. The advices were very usefull for us I suggest to the all parent that they ask help from the special educators, doctors, audiologist, social workers, psichologist, and other parents,., because the worst solution to be, and to stay alone with the problems and the fears.
  14. 14. Ksznm a figyelmet! Thank you for your attention!