GCSE Media Action Adventure Lesson 12 - Ethnicity

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GCSE Media Studies, Action Adventure, SOW, Yr 11, OCR


  • 1. Learning Objective To understand the representation of ethnicity in Action Adventure films

2. Ethnicity Villains are often non-white or foreigners in Hollywood Action Adventures. The Mummy EgyptiansThe Goonies the Fratellis (Italian)Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Indians and Raiders of the Lost Ark Germans 3. Ethnicity Asian (Chinese, Japanese etc) characters are often wise or skilled in martial arts (Karate Kid, Jackie Chan/Jet Li/ Bruce Lee films). 4. Blaxploitation The 1970s also saw the emergence of black action cinema (sometimes called "blaxploitation") with both male and female heroes deploying violence, gun power, and martial arts against oppressive enemies and institutions. In particular, the international stardom achieved by the Hong Kong cinema martial arts icon Bruce Lee (19401973) suggests the possibility of shifting the seemingly fixed association of white heroes in US cinema. Lee's premature death, in the same year that his first (and only) American production, Enter the Dragon (1973), scored a huge commercial hit, reinforced his iconic status. 5. Biracial casting in Buddy Films Just as 1970s blaxploitation deploys uncomfortable racial and sexual stereotypes, the 1980s variant of biracial buddy movies, such as 48 Hours (1982), the Lethal Weapon series (1987, 1989, 1992, 1998), and the Die Hard series (1988, 1990, 1995), has been read as a strategy to exploit and contain black male stars, such as Eddie Murphy. These films pair black and white stars in order to appeal to the widest audience demographic, and in the process black characters are typically portrayed within primarily (or entirely) white institutional contexts.Die Hard 6. The cowardly/incompetent black side kick Chris Tucker as Ruby in The Fifth ElementSnails in Dungeons and Dragons (Marlon Wayans) 7. More recent improvements Samual L JacksonDenzel WashingtonWesley Snipes Will Smith 8. Hancock 9. Question 3 Discuss the ways in which the characters are represented in the extract. [20]StereotypeRepresentationExpectationEthnicityRolesTarget AudienceBlaxplotation


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