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GCSE ENGLISH 2010 Updates

GCSE ENGLISH 2010 Updates. New GCSE English ‘Suite’ from September 2010 GCSE English 1 GCSE GCSE Language GCSE Literature 2 GCSEs GCSE English GCSE Digital

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  • GCSE ENGLISH 2010Updates

  • New GCSE English Suite from September 2010

  • Impact on Students and Reporting5 A*- C (incl) = English or English Language + Literature

    Whole School CVA Data shows that legacy Literature has been key GCSE in best 8

    Inclusion - Students who need 5 GCSEs for college places often rely on Literature

  • Impact on CurriculumEach GCSE should provide students with between 120 -140 guided learning hours

    (Departments may struggle to deliver Language + Literature in 3 hours per week.)

  • Changes in AssessmentChange in balance of assessment between external and controlled and no cross over pieces of assessment

    Assessment in January and June

    English / English Language60% controlled assessment40% external assessment

    English Literature25% controlled assessment 75% external assessment

  • Managing Controlled AssessmentCA rules are broadly similar to conduct of exam rules there should be silence and no contact between studentsNo teacher intervention concerning the task during or between sessionsBrief notes may be used but for writing tasks no dictionaries, spell checkers, thesauriAny adult authorised by the centre may superviseStudents undertake the CA in a classroom or an exam hall.

  • Impact of Controlled Assessment controlled assessment should free up time endless coursework re-drafting goesthe timing of controlled assessment is in the centres control teachers need to use right tasks for year!if students fail to achieve satisfactory results (i.e. the centres internal marking suggests that) then they may try again as long as they use a different task BEFORE any entryEnglish CA is more substantial and demanding than that of other subjects, and will need SLT support (e.g. absences, liaison with exams officer, timetabling of assessments)

  • Implications on Entry PolicyEnglish or Language + Literature?Modular or Linear?Decisions regarding when to do/enter CA and exam Candidates may re-sit a unit once onlyCandidates must take units comprising at least 40% of the total assessment in the series in which they enter for certification.Achieving target grades versus grades in the bank (impact on University offers)Transition from Legacy specs to new specs

  • Impact on Planning and ResourcingStrategic Planning:Planning of course and assessment opportunitiesRoutes and pathways for different groups including impact on post 16 choices

    Financial and Staffing considerations:New resources and clean copies of texts for assessmentStaffing/timetable allocations Moderation of CA across courseMonitoring and tracking of controlled assessment

    This term:Choice of exam board/specificationPreparation for this in Key Stage 3Training and development (Exam board prepare to teach - and LA planning 17th June)