Gardening with Native Plants - Seattle, Washington

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Gardening with Native Plants - Seattle, Washington

Text of Gardening with Native Plants - Seattle, Washington

  • 1.Western Redcedar Red Alder Douglas FirGrand FirWestern Hemlock Shore PineOregon White OakBigleaf Maple IY GG 2QG NI GG 2 L O I Y G 2Q L I Y G 2Q NI Y G QG M I Y GG 2 MIG 2M IG 2Q L Red Osier Dogwood Pacific Ninebark Ocean Spray OsoberryVine MapleCascara Blue ElderberrySalalI:GG 2Q L OI:GG 2Q L OI: GG 2 NI: G 2QG NOI G 2 Q N O IGG 2Q N I:GG 2Q L I Y GG2QGM OGiant Chain Fern Deer FernSwamp RoseSnowberryI Y GGG 2Q N IY GG 2Q NOI: GG 2QG NO I GG 2 QGN O Lady Fern Maidenhair Fern Red Huckleberry Douglas Spirea IGG QG L O I GG QG NO IG Q NI:GG 2 N O Naturescape for clean rivers andfor wildlife habitat. Native plants are adaptedSword FernWild Ginger Evergreen HuckleberryServiceberryIY GG 2QG N O I Y G QG L O to the climate andI YG 2Q M I:GG 2 N are naturally Replace invasive plants such asresistant to nativeEnglish ivy, Scotch broom,pests and diseases. and Himalayan blackberry They require lesswith native plants.water and need 2001 ENVIRONME NTAL SERVICE S, C ITY OF PORTLAND- NOT TO BE REPRODUC ED WITHOUT PERMISSION Oxalisno chemicalOregon Grape Mock OrangeWaterleaf :I G Q NO applications for IY G2 N O I:GG 2Q NIG2Q N Othem to thrive. Using native plantscan reduce the amount of pollution in runoffBunchberry Miners Lettuce Kinnikinnick False Lily of the Valley to our waterways.Oregon IrisRed Flowering CurrantBleeding Heart:I Y G 2Q N O :I G 2Q N OIIY G 2 N O:IG QG L O:GG 2 N O I: GG 2 N:I G QG NO I tree I shrub I ground cover : flowerY evergreen deciduousG wet soilG moist soilG dry soil2 sun Q part shadeG shadeL grows fastN moderateM grows slow FringecupFalse Solomon SealCamasWood VioletOregon Stonecrop Piggyback PlantO can spread-multiplyY :I G 2Q N O : G QG N O : GG 2 MO :I YG QG NO IG2 LO : G Q N O

2. S O U R C E S F O R N AT I V E P L A N T S & S E E D S BOOKS AND WORKSHOPSAnnual Plant SalesRetail Nurseries BooksBerry Botanic GardenBosky Dell Natives * highly recommended* Naturescaping for Clean Rivers Native Plant503-636-4112West Linn, OR 97068Charlotte Corkran and Chris Thoms,List, Environmental Services, City of Portland503-638-5945 Amphibians of Oregon, Washington, & British and East Multnomah Soil & Water ConservationFriends of Tryon Creek District, free with Naturescaping workshops.Remember: 503-636-4398D.L. Phipps Forest Nursery Columbia: A Field Identification Guide,Elkton, OR 97436 Lone Pine PublishingRobin Rose, Caryn Chachulske & Diane Haase, use the rightLeach Botanic Garden Propagation of Pacific Northwest Native Plants,503-823-9503541-584-2214 Stephanie Feeney, The Northwest Gardeners plant in theResource Directory, 7th Edition,OSU PressHardy Plant Society Down to Earthright place.Eugene, OR 97401 Cedarcroft PressGeorge Schenk, Moss Gardening: Including503-224-5718 Lichens, Liverworts and other Miniatures,541-342-6820 Ferns to Know in Oregon, Oregon StatePortland Audubon Society University Extension ServiceTimber Press503-292-9453Greer Gardens Helen M. Gilkey, Weeds of the Pacific Sara B. Stein, Noahs Garden: Restoring theEugene, OR 97401 Ecology of Our Own Backyards, HoughtonTualatin Hills Nature Park800-548-0111 Northwest, Oregon State University (OSU) Mifflin Co.503-644-5595 B. Jennifer Guard, Wetland Plants of OregonHertitage Seedlings IncRonald J. Taylor, Northwest Weeds: The UglySalem, OR 97301& Washington, Lone Pine Publishing & Beautiful Villains of Fields, Gardens, &It is important to inquire503-585-9835 * John Hadidian, Guy R. Hodge, & John W.Roadsides, Mountain Press Publishing Co.about seed source when Grandy, Wild Neighbors: The Humanebuying native plants. ManyHobbs & Hopkins, Ltd.Ronald J. Taylor & George W. Douglas, Approach to Living with Wildlife,plantslabeled native arePortland, OR 97214 Mountain Plants of the Pacific Northwest, The Humane Society of the US.often grown outside of503-239-7518 Mountain Press Publishing Co.the Pacific Northwest. NativeElizabeth L. Horn, Coastal Wildflowers of theplants would be those which Kruegers Tree Farms Pacific Northwest: Wildflowers & FloweringShann Weston, Naturescaping: A Place forhistorically grow within theNorth Plains, OR 97133 Shrubs from British Columbia to NorthernWildlife, Oregon Dept.of Fish & WildlifeWillamette Valley eco-zone. 503-647-1000 California, Mountain PressNatures GardenEdward C. Jensen & Charles R. Ross, Trees toWorkshopsScio, OR 97374 Know in Oregon, OSU Extension Service Common Sense Gardening offers two free503-394-3217 Circular #1450 workshops per year. Publications are availableOakhill Farms* Arthur R. Kruckeberg, Gardening withat the workshop or call Metro at 503-234-3000.Oakland, OR 97462Native Plants of the Pacific Northwest, Wildlife Stewards offers one volunteer training541-459-1361 U. of Washington Press per year, for a fee. Volunteers placed in localOregon Dept of Forestry* Russell Link, Landscaping for Wildlife in the school to assist with habitat. Offered byPacific Northwest NativesPacific Northwest, U. of Washington Press National Wildlife Federation and OSU 4-H.Albany, OR 97321 * Ann Lovejoy, Naturalistic Gardening:Call 503-725-2048.These lists are providedDean Marriott, Director 541-928-8239 Reflecting the Planting Patterns of Nature, Naturescaping for Clean Rivers offers free for example only, andPortland Nursery Sasquatch Books four-hour workshops, spring and fall.503-823-7740 are not inclusive.Publications, including program workbook, arePortland, OR 97206 * Harry B. Nehls, Familiar Birds of theThey provide a startingNorthwest, Portland Audubon Society available at the workshop. City of Portlands503-231-5050 Environmental Services and East Multnomah This poster and a plant listplace for yourWilliam Olkowski, Sheila Daar, & HelgaSoil & Water Conservation District provide theseReds Rhodies including the scientific namespersonal research. Sherwood, OR 97140 Olkowski, Common-Sense Pest Control,workshops. Call 503-797-1842.are available online: 503-625-6331 The Taunton Press Riparian Restoration Classes, for studentswww.cleanriverspdx.orgRussell Graham Plants* Jim Pojar & Andy MacKinnon, Plants of involved in native plant gardens or streamsideSalem, OR 97304the Pacific Northwest Coast: Washington,projects. Free. Offered by Clean Rivers Oregon, British Columbia & Alaska,Educators, call 503-823-7740.503-362-1135OD 0515 revised July 2005Lone Pine PublishingPrinted with recycled paper and soy-based inksWallace W. Hansen * Portland Planning Bureau, Portland Plant 2001 Environmental Services Salem, OR 97301Lists, City of Portland503-581-2638 versatile native plants of the Inside you will find resource Willamette Valley. information and a poster our gardens we help keep When using native plants in depicting many of the beautiful, our environment healthy.reduce watering and reduce or eliminate chemical use whilevariety of beautiful and interesting plants that can be usedby simply landscaping with native plants, also known as Naturescaping. The Pacific Northwest has a spectacular to control erosion, increase stormwater infiltration, enhancing the aesthetics of your yard. You can make a dif ference