Famous People of Lebedyan

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Famous People of Lebedyan'

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  • 1. My native town inspired great Russians tocreate their masterpieces.

2. Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev The famous Russian writer Ivan Turgenev liked to visithorse fairs which were held in Lebedyan. In the 19thcentury Lebedyan was famous all over Russia for thosefairs. Turgenev wrote his novel Lebedyan about thefairs. The novel was originally illustrated by theoutstanding Russian artist Peter Sokolov. He also visitedour town and painted Horse fair in Lebedyan, thepicture which is now exhibited in the State TretyakovGallery. 3. Evgeny Ivanovich Zamyatin Evgeny Zamyatin is probably one of ourmost famous townsman. He was born inLebedyan in 1884. His parents were veryintelligent people. His father was apreacher() and his mother wasfond of piano music and classical literature.Zamyatin became a talented writer. Hisrevolutionary novel We is known in Russiaand abroad. 4. Boris Michaylovich Kustodiev In the summer of 1926 Evgeny Zamyatin who wasborn in Lebedyan invited his friend, an artist BorisKustodiev to visit our town. It happened to be thelast but the happiest summer in his life. Zamyatinwrote that he had never seen his friend so happy.Kustodiev spoke of Lebedian as of the heart ofRussia. Everything here the hills, the churches,the Don, apples, geese, grass in the streets isnative to a Russian.While in Lebedian, Kustodiev created manybeautiful paintings which are inspired by our town. 5. Konstantin Nikolaevich Igumnov The Igumnovs are well-known in Lebedyan.Konstantin Igumnov was an outstandingpianist and a professor of the MoscowConservatory who founded one of the mostfamous piano schools in Russia. The rest ofthe family are probably not so famous butpeople in Lebedyan honour them for theirgood deals for the town. 6. Igumnovs house 7. : : ..