Famous people of madrid

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Created by Diego Suarez for europeancitiespastandpresent.wikispaces.com


1. Famous people of MadridBy Diego Surez 2. La LatinaShe was born in 1465.She teached to the Queen Isabel.Queen gave her 50,000 maravedes for her wedding.She founded a convent. 3. Manuela MalasaaShe was born in 1790.She was a teenager when she died.There are two stories.At 18 years old a bullet killed her.She was executed by French army. 4. Doctor EsquerdoHe was born in 1842.He studied medicine and surgery in Madrid.He treated to patients like normal people.The rest of doctors treated patients like prisioners.He led some left-wing political party. 5. Mesonero RomanosHe was born at the beginning of nineteenth century.He wrote articles in a newspaper.He wrote with the name Curious speakerHe wrote a lot of books about Madrid. He was one of the Madrids best writters. 6. Francisco CabarrsHe was born in Bayona (France).He worked in a friends store of his family.He married with his bosss daughter.They worked in her grandfathers store.He founded the bank of Spain. 7. San Isidro LabradorHe was born in 1082.He married St Mara de la Cabeza.He was a shepherd and farmer.Empress Isabel built a church where he worked.He died on 30stNovember 1172.(party of Madrid) 8. Ruy Gonzlez de ClavijoHe was an important traveler.He traveled to Mongolia to create an embassy.He left of Cadiz on 23st March 1403.He arrived in Mongolia on 8st September 1404Mongolias king died when he returned to Spain. 9. Eloy Gonzalo1st December 1868 he was abandoned.A police man and his wife adopted him.At 21 years old he was in the army for 12 years.He was arrested and he decided go to fight in the Spanish American war.A house of rebels was burnt by him. 10. ENDInformation taken from www.historiademadrid.comImages taken from www.google.com