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  • 1. 1.Katy Perry born in A. Santa Barbara B. Alhambra C. Los Angeles D. Contra Costa

2. A. 1 B. 3 C. 5 D. 2 2.In what semester lady gaga decides to focus in the music 3. 3. Justin Bieber mothers ancestors are A. French Canadian B. Canadian C. American French D. French 4. A. Brown B. Green C. Green with blue D. Blue 4.The color of the eyes of Niall Horan in one direction are 5. 5.Who influenced The Beatles? A. No one B. Rita Moreno C. Den harrow D. Elvis Presley 6. 6. Who featured Bob Marley on "I Shot The Sheriff? A. His mother B. Natty Dread C. Eric Clapton D. Alone 7. 7. What musical video Britney Spears broke her leg? A. "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman" B. "Outrageous C. "Lucky" D. "Sometimes" 8. 8. The Christina Aguilera son was born on A. December of 2009 B. January of 2008 C. June of 2008 D. August of 2008 9. 9. Who aploid the videos of Adele in myspace? A. Allan Rose B. Devendra Banhart C. Keren Ann D.Sarah Palin 10. 10.The name of Madonna in the Cbala ritual is A.Amanda B. Esther C.Suja D.Estrella