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  • 1. TreutlenMiddle-High SchoolMedia Center Facilities PlanBy: Melanie Kilgore
  • 2. District Vision & MissionDistrict Beliefs:1. Education provides a foundation for a better life.2. Learning is a life-long process.3. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect.4. Everyone is unique, worthy, and capable of learning and achieving success.5. Everyone is entitled to meaningful and productive learning experiences.6. Everyone is responsible for his/her behavior as an individual and as a member of society.7. A strong educational program is necessary for a thriving and progressive community.8. Meeting students needs requires the active participation and support of home, school,and community.9. The school shares with the home and community the responsibility for fostering eachstudents strength of character and a sense of personal responsibility.
  • 3. District Vision & MissionDistrict Vision:We will become the premier rural school district inGeorgia.District Mission:The mission of Treutlen County Schools is toempower students to strive for academic excellence,graduate from high school, and become successfullife-long learners.
  • 4. School Beliefs A safe and physically comfortable environment promotes student learning. Teachers, administrators, parents, and community share the responsibility for advancing the schools mission. The commitment to continuous improvement is imperative if our school is going to enable students to become confident, self- directed, lifelong learners. Students learning needs should be the primary focus of all decisions impacting the work of the school. Schools need to function as a learning organization and promote opportunities for all those who have a stake in the success of the school to work together as a community of learners. Students need to apply their learning in meaningful contexts. A students self -esteem is enhanced by positive relationships and mutual respect among and between students and staff.
  • 5. About TMHS Media Center Centrally located between the middle and high school hallways Serves approximately 588 students and 31 teachers One full-time paraprofessional clerk One part-time media specialist, who also serves as the media specialist for Treutlen Elementary School
  • 6. Current Media CenterFloor Plan
  • 7. VIRTUAL TOUR OF THE LIBRARYTMHS Media CenterOctober 2011
  • 8. Entrance from Hallway
  • 9. Entrance into the Library (ForwardView) and Circulation Desk
  • 10. Left View from EntranceAV Storage Room Outside AV Storage Room Inside AV Storage Room
  • 11. Left View from EntranceMedia Center Office Outside View of Inside View of Media Center Office Media Center Office
  • 12. Right View from Entrance(Sitting Area)
  • 13. Additional Sitting Areas Entrance from Diagonal Right View Hallway from Entrance
  • 14. Fire Exit
  • 15. View from Back of Library,Near Bookshelves
  • 16. Work Room and TeacherResource Area View from Outside the View from Inside the Work Room Work Room Teacher Resources Include: DVDs, Video Tapes, Bulletin Board Paper, & Professional Development Videos
  • 17. Small Group Area withSmartBoard and Storage Room The storage room (formerly a production room) is being cleaned out for storage of more wireless technology.
  • 18. Student Laptop Station
  • 19. Reference and PeriodicalSection
  • 20. Book Shelving Shelving from left to right Shelving around the library
  • 21. Facility PoliciesScheduling The TMHS library currently uses a combination of both flexible and fixed scheduling. Most of the time, the media center is available for student and teacher use. The media center only closes briefly a few days at the end of the year for inventory purposes. The hours of operation are from 8:00 am to 3:30. Although the school opens at 7:30 a.m., the library clerk does not allow students to come in until 8:00 a.m. to avoid students congregating in the library. RECOMMENDATIONS: I feel that with the help of student apprentices and the media clerk, the library should remain open during school days, even when inventory is being done. So that students have more time to access the library, as well as feel more welcomed, I feel that the library should be open for use from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. I would not have a problem with students coming in the library in the mornings, as long as they are behaving appropriately.
  • 22. Facility PoliciesReading Incentives The TMHS library currently holds book fairs and Books are Fun at least once a year. Accelerated Reader is no longer used in the library. Until this year, there has always been a school media committee in place. There is no district media committee or school media committee this year. RECOMMENDATIONS: I feel that other activities, such as author visits, accelerated read for the middle school students, as well as holding media classes could promote and encourage student reading and information literacy. Another idea that could be started by the media specialist is holding a DEAR day, at least once a month. (DEAR -Drop everything and read.) The media specialist could take pictures of students and teachers reading during this time and post somewhere in the library or school. Other activities could be developed that rewarded students that read, with collaboration of classroom teachers and a media committee.
  • 23. Facility PoliciesMission Statement of Treutlen County LibrariesThe Instructional Media Departments of each school in theTreutlen County School System will provide media services,leadership, and resources which will assist the instructionalstaffs and students in the dissemination of information and inthe improvement of education programs.
  • 24. Facility PoliciesMedia Center HandbookAlthough there is no current handbook, there is one at the elementary school fromthe 1980s and 90s, with various inserts that from the year 2000. It covers topicssuch as: The Role of Superintendent, Media Coordinator, Curriculum Coordinator, System Media Committee, Principal, School Media Specialist, and Instructional Staff Internet Acceptable Use Guidelines & Agreement Copyright Law and Policies Policies and Procedures for Selection of Instructional Media and Equipment Mission Statement Allocation of Funds Weeding and Disposition Gifts Loan of Instructional Equi