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A new Biscuit Product Launch

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  • 1. Lovely Co. has been established with an intension to earn profit like all businessorganizations, but our aim is to provide healthy products to the society.With a view of this, our company is launching a biscuit product which is different fromall other biscuits.Our LOVELY Co. is a Partnership Company and our capital is brought in by ourpartners only. PLANNING FOR A NEW PRODUCT LAUNCHPAGE 2

2. Office NetworkBranch Office :New Delhi Branch Office : KolkataBranch Office:Mumbai Branch Office : Home Office : Chennai Bangalore 3. Lovely company at present is entering into themarket and we are here to give the brief of ournew biscuit product that is going to be launched inthe market. 4. Features : 1. Soft & Digestive 2. Unique design & shape. 3. Product is 100% Sugar free. 4. Made of Multigrains like wheat, soya, channa, oat, maize & psyllium husk. 5. Tasty and Healthy. 6. Health Supplement. 7. For people of all ages. 8. Value for money. 9. New Flavours. 10. Variety of flavours in a single pack. 5. Biscuit IngredientsFlourSugarButter/oilRaising AgentFlavourings/Decoration 6. ProcessMajorScales IngredientsMixer Extruder Baking Packaging 7. Mc-vities Mc-Vities biscuits contains more healthy products. Vitamin E Vegetable Oil Invert syrup Milk solids Salt Glucose Vanilla flavour Sugar free 8. Nutrition FactsAmount per ServingCalories 316 Calories from Fat 88.2 % Daily Value *Total Fat 9.8g 15%Saturated Fat 4.48g22%Cholesterol 0mg0%Sodium 189mg 7%Total Carbohydrate 52.64g17%Dietary Fiber 1.68g6%Energy 55%Sugars 18.2gProtein 4.62g9%Est. Percent of Calories from:Fat 27.8%Carbs 66.4%Protein 5.8%Vitamin D 25 % 9. Boomer New It is very special flavour in the lovely diamond biscuitpack. The biscuit tastes like a boomer. No side effects like a boomer. Unique and One of its kind. 10. Kcrunchy PureKcrunchy Pure It is very chocolaty. Its made of pure dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is very healthy. 11. Nutrition FactsCalories 280.0Total Fat15.0 gEnergy Kcl483.2Cholesterol50.0 mg Sodium 150.0 mg Potassium 0.0 mg Total Carbohydrate 32.0 gDietary Fiber1.0 g Protein 5.0 gSugars 0.0g 12. Elaichi Biscuits Nutritional InformationCarbohydrate 74.3gProtein86.7gFat15.5gSaturated Fatty Acids7.5gMonounsaturated Fatty5.5gAcidsPoly Unsaturated Fatty 1.5gAcidsTrans Fat0gCholesterol0mgEnergy 463 KCal 13. AND OUR OTHER FLAVORS ARE 14. Coconut Flavor 15. ALL THESE FLAVOURS AREAVAILABLE IN ONE PACKCALLED DIAMONDPACK. 16. THE ALL FLAVOURSARE NOT ONLY MENTTO CHILDREN BUTOUR BISCUITS AREFOR PERSONS OF ALLAGES. 17. PRICING11% 3%Materials andSuppliesProductionWagesFuel andElectricity86% 18. The Market Price of our biscuit packsIndividual Pack : 10/- Rupees.Rainbow Pack : 15/- Rupees.(2 no. of each flavour)Rainbow Family Pack : 50/- Rupees.(800gms) 19. Place Our lovely Products are available in the Following malls, Bazaar & small shops near yourhome.And even we have separate out let Lovely BazaarIn all over the cities we have 15 outlets. 20. Promotion The advertisement or invitation for theBiscuits is given through the followingmedias. 21. And other Mediums / ChannelsCan orderthroughmobiles if youorder morethan 4 flavorswithin 2 kmsnear to themall freehome delivery. 22. SWOT 23. Strengths Our product is Healthy. Sugar Free. Made of Multigrains like wheat, soya, channa, oat, maize &psyllium husk. Health Supplement. Variety of flavours in a single pack. For people of all ages. Affordable One of its kind. New flavours brought in. Making Consumers loose weight by lowering their fat intake 24. Weaknesses New to the Market. Matching consumers expectations in the market. 25. Opportunities We are in a constant move towards research and development of finding new flavours.Establishing Diamond Biscuit as one of the leading fat free snacks on the market.Introduce the Fat Free Product in September of 2011.Gaining new customers who are trying to lose weight by lowering their fat intake and to get the health.We are planning to launch other snack products under Lovely Co. 26. Threats Constant competition from leading Companies. New innovations from competitors. Cost. Demand in the market. 27. SO, THIS IS ALL ABOUT OURPRODUCT,WE HOPE THAT OUR PRODUCTWILL REACH THE CONSUMERSWELL AND GAIN POPULARITY. 28. By - Lovely star teamMadhu Sudhan.SKeshava.LUmesh.V Thanks toMani Maran.RAll of you Present hereSpecial thanks to 29. By Manis +91 9742048143