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In order to equip the students of management to face the corporate world with more applied knowledge, the M.B.A. Degree course of IBS-Chennai deems it imperative for the 1st semester students to undergo a market research and submit a report. Bestowed with the opportunity of conducting a market survey, the primary objective of this program is to study about the market.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTIt is a great pleasure for us to acknowledge the help of the individuals who guided us to make this project successful. Its our pleasure to have worked under true guidance of Prof.R.Mani. We express our sincere thanks for his co2






tutelage and for the facilities provided by him throughout the course of this project in spite of his busy schedule. He inspired us to work on such a good and interesting project. We would like to thank all our friends who helped us directly or indirectly in the successful completion of this project work.


ABSTRACT:This project is about the market share of different brands of biscuits based on consumer taste, choice and


preferences. The sample size of our survey was limited due to time constraint.

Still we tried best to estimate the result which gives a fair overview of the Chennai market. The survey was

conducted in a small region of Chennai, so we cannot assume this data as the general consumer choice of the whole India.

1. Purpose of the StudyThis report basically focuses on the consumer behavior and perception about the biscuit market. We tried to study the brand consciousness, purchasing capacity, taste and preferences of the consumers. The idea behind this topic is to explore the hidden potential of the biscuit market of the FMCG sector. As4

we were keen to know why the industry is willing to spend so much on the advertisements and positioning and why it has emerged as one the most important and competitive product of the FMCG sector.

2. Insights of the SurveyI. Frequency of Eating BiscuitsEveryday Once a Week Sometimes 27 6 17

F requencyof eatingbiscuitsEveryday Once in a week 34% 12% 54% Occasionally


On the basis of frequency of eating biscuits, most of the consumer consumes biscuits every day. Out of 50 peoples 27 said they eat biscuit everyday, 7 people said they take once in a week and 16 people take sometimes according to their mood. Thus, biscuit is major product of the FMCG sector.


Quantity Purchased Mostly

Quantity 100 grams 200 grams 500 grams Family Pack

Consumers 18 13 7 12

2 0 1 5 1 0


People prefer small packets rather than big packets. In our survey 18 out of 50 said they buy 100 grams packs, 13 people says they prefer to buy 200 grams packs, only 7 people take 500 grams pack but the bigger family packets are preferred in big families with more children.


Taste PreferencesTaste Salty Sweet Cream All Consumer 10 8 8 27


While considering the consumer preferences on taste, we conclude that 51% of the people do not have any specific choice. They like to eat all kinds of biscuits. The remaining 19% like salty biscuits, 15% like sweet and 15% like cream biscuits. Thus, most consumers do not have any specific taste preference.


Most Popular BrandsBrands Britannia Parle ITC Priyagold Others Consumers 36 18 14 2 1


MostP opular B randsOthers Priyagold ITC Parle Britannia 0 20 40 Most Popular Brands

From our survey, we concluded that Britannia is the most liked brand followed by Parle at no. 2, ITC at no.3, Priyagold at no. 4.


Taste preference according to age groupALL 5 14 4 3 SWEET 0 6 2 0 SALTY 0 8 1 1 CREAM 0 6 2 0

AGE GROUP less than 20 20 to 30 30 to 40 greater than 40


16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 less 20 to 3030 to 40 greater than 20 than 40


It was found out that is the age group of below 20 most of the people prefer all types of biscuit. In the age group of 20 to 30 sweet and salt biscuits are preferred. Thus, generally people are not taste dependent and consume all types.


Brand Conscious according to age


Age Group less than 20 20 to 30 30 to 40 greater than 40

Britannia 3 21 6 0

ITC 3 3 1 1

Parle 0 6 2 3

greater than 40 30 to 40 20 to 30 less than 20 0 10 20 30 40

Britannia ITC Parle

From the above chart we can say that the youth is more brands conscious and Britannia is most liked brand amongst all, followed by Parle and ITC. The age group of 30 plus are not much brand conscious and consume any brand available.11

3. MethodologyMoving on with our interest in this industry we decided to conduct a survey for which we designed a questionnaire as follows: QUESTIONNAIRE Name of Respondent Mr./Mrs./Miss_______________________________________ Occupation: _______________________________________Age:

AddressLocality: ___________________ E-Mail:___________________________________________

1. Do you eat biscuits?



2. How often do you eat?


Once a week Occasionally

3. What type of biscuits do you prefer?

Salty Sweet Cream All

4. Which biscuits do you prefer?

i. ii.

____________ ____________

5. Do you know the brand manufacturer (company)?



6. If yes, who is the manufacturer?

ITC Priyagold

Britannia Others




7. How do you know about the manufacturer?

Brand Conscious Friends Others

Advertisement Brand Loyal

8. What is the quantity of biscuits you mostly purchase? 100gms Family Pack 9. When do have biscuits? Breakfast Evening Anytime 200gms 500gms

10. What is your family income? < 1 lac 1-3 lacs 3-5 lacs > 5 lacs 11. How many children are there in family? 1 2 3 >3


After that, the sample size was decided as 50 and then we surveyed at various places mainly FMCG stores like fresh, food world, big bazaar and local vendors. We chose people of different age groups and of different income level and got our questionnaire filled. In the process of getting this questionnaire filled we encountered with many difficulties like people not willing to spend time sometimes, language barrier and sometimes people were not willing to disclose their income but still we managed.

4. Conclusion


We can conclude from the overall analysis that there is a significant of biscuits to according difference among taste, between different quantity preferences customers

purchased, income, family size and age group. The statement highlights the main objective of this project that consciousness of the various brands has a significant difference among them which creates a significant impact over the perception and purchasing pattern of the consumers regarding biscuits. Thus, the presence of various brands will give the customers a lot of choices and take care of their satisfaction levels.