Dialing the Intertubes

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Dialing the Intertubes:

Dialing the Intertubes:Broadband Provision Initiatives from the State Library of PAPennsylvania library associationOct. 19, 2016Bill FeeLibrary Development Adviser for ITState Library of Pennsylvania


Options for PennsylvaniaTV WhitespaceFiberMicrowaveGoogle/FacebookMeshFirstNet

TV WhitespaceLeftover analog TV channelsDoes not need line of sightRedeployable5-10 mile circular coverage per unitUses librarys internet connectionMay violate e-rateUse currently under examination by FCC for Microsoft & schoolsLegal according to opinion if distribution is less than 10% of library use


Adaptrum deployment Base

Adaptrum deployment Access Point

Unit registration

FCC registration

FiberGoogle Fiber not yet in PennsylvaniaKinber Millions of dollars per hookupWould have to be run for hundreds of miles totalStill need Last MileAnd, most importantly

MicrowaveExpensive initial installationRequires cooperation from tower owners and all FCC licensesProne to interruptionShared by everyone within 15 miles of towerRequires line of sight

Google/facebookFacebook is concentrating on Third World countriesGoogle is not in Pennsylvania, and not looking for new sitesGoogle installs around citiesNew fiber/wireless direction is not suitable for rural areas

Mesh networksCentral connection with PCs connected to each other, rather than the connectionComputer range is about 200-300 feetCan interspace radio repeater unitsNew technologies have 1-10 mile rangesCan be connected via cloudRequires line of sight or line of radio signalEquipment can be expensiveCurrent methods operate best in Linux

Current wide area mesh networksBrookline, MATempre, AZOwensboro, KYPortland, OR (partial)Houston, TX (partial)

FirstnetWould have to be a partnershipLaw enforcement/public safety networkOperates on lower bands than TV Whitespace but same channelsApproximately 10 years from full launchFunded by Dept. of Homeland SecurityLibrarians and tech people often do not like to work with law enforcement/Homeland Security

Current problemsE-rateState interpretation is different than libraryWritten by cable companiesCable companies, especially Mom & PopLack of technological understanding in rural librariesTrees

Possible solutionsLimit network speedFund non-e-rate network as pilot/alternativeMicrosoft wins caseExternal use of signal is kept to less than 10%Only give it to non-e-rate libraries

Its the end of the show as we know itThe rabbit-hole went straight on like a tunnel for some way and then dipped suddenly down, so suddenly that Alice had not a moment to think about stopping herself before she found herself falling down what seemed to be a very deep well.--Lewis Carroll. Alices Adventures in Wonderland (1916), p. 1.

Contact the presenters at:William Fee wfee@state.pa.us