Consulting skills RSM October 2010 dick van ginkel

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Consulting skills for the Rotterdam School of Management October 28th 2010. Dick van Ginkel

Text of Consulting skills RSM October 2010 dick van ginkel

  • 1. Consulting skills
    • Rotterdam School of Management
    • October 2010
  • 2.
  • 3. Focus for this afternoon: Developing Soft Skills for consultants 30 minutes theory 150 minutes workshops and clinics
  • 4. consultant consultant consultant consultant client client client client client consultant consultant consultant consultant
  • 5.
  • 6. Reflect for a moment on the next question: What dynamics play a part in the (first) meeting of client and consultant?
  • 7. A Who A is B Who B is A Who B thinks that A is B Who A thinks that B is A Who A thinks that B thinks that he is B Who B thinks that A thinks that he is The table of six
  • 8. Client and consultant: building a relation
    • to the point
    • show experience
    • show interest
    • agreement
    • listening
    • encouraging openness
    • sensing
    • structuring
    • respect
    • initimity
    • integrity
    • sincere interest
    How can the consultant acquire credibility? How can the consultant create confidence? How to build a trustful relation
  • 9. Puppet theatre Client: dependent Consultant: goeroe Client: purchaser Consultant: messenger boy Brothers in arms Profiling Connecting Energizing
  • 10. Reflect for a moment on the next question: What sort of consultants can you identify?
  • 11. Consulting roles Interaction Shallow Deep External- Objective Internal- Personal Accent on Expertise Programming Behaviour Personality Problem Client situation Problem solving techniques Patterns of behaviour Client as a person Interventions Content solutions Problem solving procedures New behaviour Personal development
  • 12. 4 levels in communication Consultant Client
    • 1. Content
    • Information, the topic
    • 2. Structure
    • Procedures
    • Agenda
    • Timing
    • 3. Interaction processes
    • Relations
    • Interaction
    • 4. Motivational processes
    • Feelings
    • Expectations
    • Images
    • Wishes
  • 13. Reflect for a moment: What competencies doe you need as a consultant?
  • 14.
  • 15. awareness coaching decisionmaking entrepreneurship guts inspiring leadership marketdriven organizationa organizing planning problemsolving quality result resultoriented riskawareness selfcontrol Role specific competencies Take the selfassessment by de Caluwe/Reitsma!
  • 16. Basic competencies for consultant s analysis analyzing awareness communication conceptual confidence creativity dependability empathy facilitating flexibility influencing inspiring integrity learning listening loyalty organizational orientation performance persuasiveness presentation reflecting reflecting reflecting resilience thinking visioning
  • 17. Resilience Reflecting Facilitating Influencing Inspiring confidence This is what we are going to work with:
    • In 3 mini workshops:
    • Making rapport in the first 5 minutes
    • Group experiment with levels of communication
    • Confronting yourself with personal allergies
  • 18. Logistics 3 Groups Rooms .., .. and .. Each group 1 facilitator, 1 actor Everybody one chance to practice Spectators are also reviewers/critics 3 mini workshops 45 minutes each You can learn from doing, watching and reflecting, role-modelling!
  • 19. Concentrate on specific behaviour and be concrete. Tell what you see, but keep away from interpretations Tell what effect the behaviour has on you, but stay away from bias Always check to see that your message is understood and welcome Rules for effective feedback
  • 20.