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  • 1. Help Wanted!
    • This is my planning for a 15 minute presentation on using technology for collaboration in the classroom
  • So get collaborating already!
  • I have a backup of this file locally, so feel free to edit, comment on , add, remove, suggest or anything else
  • You can email me ( [email_address] ) or Tweet (@mwclarkson) if you want editing rights

2. Collaboration in Education

  • Practical Ideas - Anecdotal Experience

Mark Clarkson, Teacher of ICT 3. Straight Into It

  • Two favourite, but different tools:
      • Wikis
      • Etherpad (& Twiddla)

4. Anatomy of a Wiki

  • A simple website that anyone can edit
  • Can embed a variety of content
  • Example:Wikipedia

5. Useful for...

  • Building up a bank of knowledge
  • Creating an online Text Book
  • Structured information(@NeilAdam)

6. More examples 7. Some ideas...

  • Knowledge based research
  • Skills based tutorials
  • Double-edged learning
    • Learn by researching / writing
    • Learn by reviewing / peer assessment

8. Problems

  • Requires a log-in
  • One - at - a - time editing
  • Works best with a range of topics
  • Not suited to
  • SIMULTANEOUS collaboration

9. There must be another way!

  • The ugliest and most useful group productivity app weve seen
  • - Techcrunch

10. Etherpad?

  • Text based SIMULTANEOUS collaboration
  • No login, no need to save
  • Live typing & collaboration
  • Simple, saved revisions
  • Chat window for use as a backchannel

11. Excellent for...

  • QUICK collaboration
  • Thoughts and ideas
  • Informal collaboration

12. Drawbacks

  • No login! Anonymity!
  • Maximum 8 connected users
  • Risk of inappropriate use (see point 1)
  • Risk of deletion/malicious editing

13. Some examples

  • Put some Wouldnt It Be Great work here...

14. Additional Tools

  • Google Docs - share and work on documents, spreadsheets & presentations
  • Twiddla and Skrbl - graphical tools similar to Etherpad
  • VoiceThread - Collaborative discussion as text, audio and/or video

15. Thoughts

  • This slide is not part of the presentation but a place for some thoughts
  • Not discussed the importance of WHEN to collaborate, when NOT to, communication skills, importance of the aim over the tool, examples of Twiddla, GDocs et al
  • How to present - Keynote, Prezi, Slideshare...
  • Have lots of e.g.s for Wikis and Epads to include at end